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Few differences between Bitly and Flipmsg

  1. Flipmsg allows you to create links and view stats, without opening an account.

with bitly you must open an account in order to create links or view stats.

  1. It segment your traffic to tiers, and gives you a quality score, so you can easily measure the traffic you are sending or receiving
  2. It allows you to monetize your traffic by dropping affiliate cookies on your short link visitors, and it allows you to  build an online affiliate business which can pay you affiliate commissions for years to come.
  3. In addition, it allows you to use special characters in your short link custom back name.

Flipmsg gives you all the core functionalities you would expect from bitly, for free.

It is very easy to use, all you need to do , is to go to https://flipmsg.com/url-shortener.php

Then, all you need to do is to enter your long URL, and click on ‘Make it Short’.

And that's it!, you have created your first short link in a matter of a few seconds.

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How to create Trackable Flipmsg Links

Flipmsg short links are automatically trackable, we are tracking all the clicks that are being sent to the link.

If you want to view stats for your short link, you need to click on ‘view link stats

Then just enter your short link, and click on the ‘get stats’ button.

Now you can see full stats for your short link, how many clicks you have received, how many affiliate cookies were dropped on visitors.

You can also see where your visitors are coming from, what countries of origin, what traffic sources, who are the referring domains, and how much direct/email traffic you sent. And much more.

In addition Flipmsg also segments your audience to traffic tiers with a nice pie chart, and gives you a Traffic Quality Score. Which can help you measure the quality of your traffic.

If you are participating in traffic exchanges or ad swaps this comes very handy.

It is also very useful if you are in the game of paid ads, you can use this in conjunction or as a replacement to google analytics to see what quality of traffic you are receiving or driving.

Combine this with recorded video analytics of your visitors actions, and you get the full picture.

It’s also useful when you send traffic to a website where you don’t have google analytics installed, this will help you determine the quality of traffic the paid/free source is sending to you.

It can also help you if you sell traffic, and validate your traffic quality.

In addition, you can see link click history over time, on the main top graph.

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How to create a custom link name with the Flipmsg URL shortener? And how it is different from bitly custom names

Flipmsg is more flexible than bitly and other URL shorteners, when it comes to custom names, not only you can change your name as many times as you want, as long it is available you are fine.

But you can also enter special characters inside your short link custom name (slug), something no other URL shortener allows you to do (including bitly).

Usually you can only enter alpha-numeric characters inside your custom link name, and sometimes you are allowed to use hyphens between words.

With Flipmsg you can enter any special character you want, for example:
















This can help you boost your clickthrough rate (CTR) on your short link, by creating powerful calls to action.

Tip - You can separate words with the ‘-’ (hyphen) sign. To make them more readable.

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How to Manage Many Short Links in one place?

You can manage an unlimited amount of short links easily, from the Flipmsg members area, all you need to do is to create a new Flipmsg account for free.

Then just go to the ‘My Short Links’ section, there you can see and easily manage all of your short links from one place.

You can edit your short link name as many times as you want, easily with a click of a button, as long as the name is available.

You can also delete your links, not many services will allow you to delete your link unless you pay a premium, usually it is because they need to sell the gathered data.

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What are the Flipmsg affiliate cookies and what they are used for?

The Flipmsg affiliate cookies are dropped on short link visitors, this allows you to monetize your traffic.

The affiliate cookie lives for 60 days.

When a user with the affiliate cookie signs up for a free flipmsg account, he automatically joins your online affiliate business as a new referral/lead.

This is how you can grow your online affiliate business, which can be considered as an alternative business model to shopify (a new business model).

This business is based on affiliate marketing, in this business model, you don’t need upfront capital, you don’t need to invest money, you just need to drive traffic, generate referrals and build your online business.

In the basic plan you earn 5% affiliate commission.

If you upgrade your account, you can earn 33% monthly affiliate commissions on account upgrades (PRO account) and on ad-credits and coins for content creators.

With other URL shorteners , like bitly, tinyURL, rebrandly etc.. you can not monetize your traffic.

There are many URL shorteners that do help you monetize your traffic, but they don’t allow you to build a long-term asset, like an online business.

They do so by paying you per CPM(1,000 clicks), you earn about $10-$20. And it is a one time payment. 

It’s way better to send your traffic to flipmsg and build your online business, which is a long-term asset that can pay you for years to come.

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Poll links vs URL shortener

So what is the difference between Poll links and the short links you may ask?

They look the same, but do they act the same?

Poll links are different from normal short links, they allow you to create online polls easily and as fast as creating a short link.

You can conduct a poll, create a short link for your poll, and use this link in different places, like your email list, facebook page, instagram page, pinterest, twitter or youtube.

You can also use your poll links on reddit , forums or quora.

With poll links you can get answers from your audience and learn about them.

You can see the results of your poll in the ‘view poll link stats’ section.

You can use poll links to create a poll and then redirect users to any destination you want based on the answer or option they have selected.

Case uses may be:

  1. Redirect users to different opt-in pages depending on their interests, each opt-in page can have it’s own form with a dedicated mailing list.
  2. Redirect users to different affiliate offers depending on the answer or option they have selected.

You can create a poll just for the purpose of getting insights about your audience, what they like or dislike, or what they expect from you in the future.

You can segment your audience by interest or by goals, and separate them to different email lists. This way you can send emails tailored especially for them.

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This Article is about:

  1. An alternative to bitly URL shortener
  2. How to create trackable short links
  3. How to manage many short links in one place
  4. How to create custom name for a short link with call to actions
  5. Poll links as an alternative to short links

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