How To Enable Facebook Dark Mode? On All Devices (UPDATED)

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In This post you will learn how to turn on dark mode for desktop, iphone and android devices

Benefits of Dark mode:

  1. Easier on the eyes - for some people it makes reading easier and causes less strain on the eyes.
  2. Increases battery life on mobile devices - displaying dark pixels on LED screens requires less energy than displaying white pixels.

On PC and laptops, all users can access dark mode on all major browsers:

Google chrome , Firefox, Microsoft edge, Safari, and Opera. whether it’s on PC or Mac computers.

Watch this video for simple video instructions on how to turn dark mode on android.

Enabling dark mode is exactly the same process, for both iphone and android devices.  

You need to follow the same exact steps for both operating systems.

If you want step by step instructions with pictures, skip this video

Dark mode is available on the Facebook App and on the Messenger app.

You will need to enable dark mode on Messenger separately

Darkmode was in beta last year and tested by Facebook during the 2020 pandemic.

How to enable dark mode on desktop (in 3 simple steps)

  1. Step 1 - Login to your Facebook account at
  2. Step 2 - tap the ‘down arrow’ in the top right navigation

  1. Step 3 - tap ‘Display & Accessibility’ and turn it on.

There, you can turn on dark mode with one click of a button.

Make sure to upgrade your Facebook app to the latest version

If you don’t know how to upgrade your Facebook app, scroll to the end of this post, to get step by step instructions.

How to enable dark mode on Android Devices(in 3 simple steps)

  1. Step 1 - tap the ‘hamburger’ icon on the top right corner in your app
  2. Step 2 - tap ‘Settings & Privacy

  1. Step 3 - tap ‘Dark Mode’, and turn it on

After you click the dark mode menu option, you will see a simple switch dialogue, you can turn the dark mode on with a single tap.

How to enable dark mode on Iphone (in 3 simple steps)

  1. Step 1 - tap the ‘hamburger’ icon on the top menu bar (three lines)
  2. Step 2 - Scroll down and tap ‘Settings & Privacy
  3. Step 3 - tap ‘Dark Mode’, and then turn it on

How to update your Facebook App manually?

You always want to make sure you are using the latest version of the Facebook App.

  1. Open the Google play store app
  2. Use the search box to find the Facebook app (type ‘facebook’)
  3. Open the app
  4. Click on update

Watch this video for step by step

How to Auto update your Facebook App?

  1. Open the Google play store
  2. Open the Facebook app
  3. Tap on settings
  4. Tap auto update apps 
  5. Click on Auto-update apps over any network. 


Mose social platforms today are offering you the feature of dark mode, Whatsapp, Twitter and now Facebook.

This is a feature that users have requested for years, and now it is available on Facebook for all 

browsers, all devices and all operating systems.

Dark mode can allow you to save battery power, and can help you read text easier and will lead to less strain on your eyes.

In order to turn dark mode on Facebook you must first upgrade your app to the latest version.

After upgrading your app, the simple 3 step process applies both for Android devices and for the iphone.

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