The Best Link Shortener To Make Money (In 2020 And Beyond)

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The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

Top 7 URL Shorteners That Earns You Money:

Flipmsg Shortlinks - by far the best url shortener for making money online, instead of earning per CPM, you build a long-term asset (online business), and earn monthly affiliate commissions.

Other URL shorteners are CPM based (per 1000 views):

  1. - the highest paying url shortener, with about $22 CPM for US traffic
  2. - up to $14 CPM for US traffic.
  3. - up to $14 CPM for US traffic.
  4. - up to $13 CPM for US traffic.
  5. - up to $4 CPM for US traffic
  6. Linkvertise - up to $70 for German traffic

Flipmsg Shortlinks - The URL Shortener That Makes you Money

Flipmsg vs Other URL shorteners

Usually , when you want to make money with a url shortener, you will need to drive tons of traffic through your short url, and you will earn per 1000 views (CPM).

But not with flipmsg url shortener, flipmsg shortener is different from other url shorteners that let you earn money in the way it works.

While other url shorteners are CPM based (you earn per 1000 views), with flipmsg you build a long-term asset, and earn passive income from affiliate commissions (account upgrades, coins, and ad credits).

You build it an asset once, and it pays you forever. The more referrals (leads) you have in your online business (affiliate business), the more potential you have to earn monthly affiliate commissions.

With flipmsg you drop affiliate cookie for 360 days on each user that visits your short link, then, when he signs-up for a free flipmsg account he joins your affiliate business as a referral (or lead).

Flipmsg Shortlinks - The URL Shortener That Makes you Money

Why Flipmsg Shortlinks is much better than other URL shorteners? (hint - build an online business)

With all other url shorteners you need to work hard every time you want to make a buck, driving 1000 clicks on your link is not an easy task, and at the maximum you will earn about $20 per 1000 views/clicks.

On the other hand if you drove 1000 clicks to a flipmsg short link, you have dropped 1000 affiliate cookies on your visitors, there is a high probability that most of them will open a free flipmsg account in a timeframe of 1 year (360 days), until the affiliate cookie expires.

If you have a 50% conversion rate to signups, it means that 500 users opened a flipmsg account and joined your affiliate business.

Now you have 500 new referrals/leads you can earn commissions from.

500 referrals/leads is an investment in a long-term asset like as an online business, in which you can earn passive income from affiliate commissions without lifting a finger. is much better than earning a one time $20, and this is about the highest you will ever earn if all of your traffic is from the United states.

The chances are, that not all of the traffic will be from the US, and you will still need to drive at least 50,000 clicks in order to earn $1000 per month. This is an insanely large amount of traffic.

And you will need to do it month after month consistently.

This is not passive income.

Flipmsg Shortlinks - The URL Shortener That Makes you Money

Build a Long-term Asset (Online Business)

With flipmsg url shortener you can easily build an online business based on affiliate marketing.

All you need to do is use the url shortener (it works in any niche) and drive traffic to anywhere on the web. Not only you don’t need to hassle your visitors with an intermediate page that they need to view for 10 seconds, but you gain much more than measly 10-20 bucks.

Flipmsg Shortlinks - The URL Shortener That Makes you Money

How does the Flipmsg URL Shortener let you earn money?

When you create a short url (short link) from a long url, and drive traffic through this short link, your visitors visit flipmsg for a fraction of the second, at that time we drop affiliate cookie on each of your link visitors.

This affiliate cookie is long lasting, it will not expire until 365 days elapsed (1 year cookie).

During this time the user that has visited your link can sign up for a free flipmsg account.

Each user that opens a free flipmsg account with your affiliate cookie will join your online business as a referral/lead.

You can see how many referrals or leads you have in your online business here.

Flipmsg Shortlinks - The URL Shortener That Makes you Money

How can I earn from my Referrals/Leads in my Online Business?

Let's say you have 1000 referrals/leads in your online business (affiliate business), now you don’t really have to do anything.

You can earn 100% passive income, every time a user upgrades his account to a gold/business account and you will earn a 5% affiliate commission.

If you want to x10 your earnings you will also need to upgrade to a gold/business account. This will give you 50% commission instead of 5%.

So you earn from account upgrades (gold and business accounts).

But you also earn from advertising, every time a user in your online business purchases ad credits (advertising credits), you earn a 5%- 30% affiliate commission.

Again, it depends whether you upgraded or didn’t upgrade your account to a gold or business account.

Why should a user purchase ad credits in the first place?

Ad credits are useful for sending email notifications to stream followers, straight to their inbox at gmail/yahoo/outlook etc.

It is also necessary for sending discount coupons.

You can also send discount coupons to your online business referrals in order to encourage them to upgrade their account.

It will increase your account upgrade conversion rate.

In addition to ad credits and account upgrades, you also earn 10% commission from support coins for content creators.

Users purchase support coins to support their favorite content creator/influencer, you can earn a commission every time a user in your affiliate business purchases these coins.

All the affiliate commissions are for the lifetime of the user, and they are recurring monthly commissions.

The Audience Business Builder - earn when others refer traffic with their short links (without driving any traffic).

Now we talk about real power here, did you know that the flipmsg online business also includes a tool called ‘The Audience Builder’, this tool gives you referrals and leads on autopilot from your existing referrals.

Each time a user in your online business refer traffic with his short links or any other type of affiliate link, and generates referrals/leads for himself, he will also give you referrals for free on autopilot. Which means you grow your affiliate business virally and exponentially.

For example:

Let's say you have 100 referrals in your affiliate business.

On average each of them generated 30 referrals.

If you upgraded to a gold/business account , the audience builder is activated, which means you receive all of the 30 referrals from each of your existing referrals, 

(2 tier referrals/leads).

So 30 referrals multiply by 100 referrals, now you got 3000 new referrals.

Did you see the power here?

You didn’t drive any extra traffic, you didn’t do anything except of upgrading your account to gold or business account, and now you have earned 3000 new referrals.

How can I earn from second tier referrals?

You earn half of the commission rate from second tier referrals as compared to first tier referrals.

if you have a basic account, you will earn 5% commission on account upgrades from first tier referrals, and you will also earn 2.5% commission from second tier referrals.

If you have upgraded to a gold or business account you will earn 50% commission from first tier referrals (x10) and 25% from second tier referrals.

You don’t earn a commission from coins with the basic account, but after you upgrade your account you earn 10% commission on the first tier, and 5% commission on the second tier.

Flipmsg Shortlinks - The URL Shortener That Makes you Money

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