What Is The Best FREE URL Shortener In 2021? (NEW)

So you want a free alternative to bitly and tinyURL?  You come to the right place, in this post you will learn about the Flipmsg URL shortener.

The #1 (FREE) Alternative to Bit.ly and TinyURL

What is the Flipmsg URL Shortener?

The Flipmsg URL shortener is a free alternative to bitly and tinyURL, it gives you all you need when it comes to a URL shortener.

It’s easy and simple to use, you can create unlimited amounts of short links easily, you can manage them from the members area, you can view detailed analytics. And the stats are in real time.


How is it different from bitly and tinyURL?

tinyURL doesn’t give you analytics with the free plan, and bitly doesn’t allow you to delete links with the free plan.

With the Flipmsg URL shortener you can delete any link you want whenever you want, you also have built-in detailed analytics, in real time.

In addition both don't give you the ability to enter special characters to your short link name (slug).

With Flipmsg you can enter any special character to your custom short link name.

In addition with Flipmsg, you drop affiliate cookies on your short link visitors, the cookies are valid for 60 days.

If the users sign up for a free flipmsg account within 60 days, they automatically join your affiliate business.

You earn lifetime affiliate commissions on all the referrals in your affiliate business, up to 30% commission from account upgrades, coins for content creators and ad credits.

In addition with the Flipmsg URL shortener you can change your short link name (slug) as many times as you want, something you can not do with bitly or tinyURL or any other shortener.

You also have traffic quality score and segmentation to traffic tiers, again this doesn’t exist with other services.

The Flipmsg URL shortener also comes with additional shortening tools like poll links, which allows you to create simple polls, view the poll stats, and redirect users to a custom destination depending on their selected answer in the poll.


How to use it?

Step 1 - Go to https://flipmsg.com/url-shortener.php

Step 2 - Enter your long URL inside the input box

Step 3 - Click on ‘Make it Short!

And that’s it! , you have created a new short link.


How to view Analytics?

All you need to do is to click on the ‘View Links Stats’ button

This is how the real time analytics looks like, you can see traffic tiers and traffic quality score.

You can also see the geolocation of your visitors on a map.


How to manage all my short links in one place?

In order to manage many short links in one place, you need to open a new Flipmsg account.

Then, from the members area you can click on the ‘my short links' area, there you can see all the short links you have created since you have opened your account.

You can also navigate to this section from the URL shortener screen, by clicking the ‘Manage Links’ button.

How to create a poll (with a short link)?

You can use poll links , which is an extension tool for the URL shortener, this tool allows you to create simple polls.

You enter a question and a few options. You have the ability to redirect traffic to different locations based on the user's answer.

You can collect feedback, segment your traffic, and send users to different landing pages or content pages.

You have the same analytics as the regular URL shortener, with segmentation to traffic tiers and traffic quality score available to you for the polls.

In addition, you get the stats and results of the poll, how many users exit the poll, how many participated in the poll, and how many selected each option.

With poll links you also create a short link , just like you would do with a regular URL shortener, you can share this link anywhere you want to conduct polls.


Example use cases of polls links

Case #1:

You give users a simple questions with 2 answers: YES and NO

You redirect traffic based on the answer

Case #2:

You create a call to action ‘select an option’.

‘Select an Option’:






You are just telling the user to select an option from a list of options.

You can create up to 10 different options, each of them can redirect to a different URL.

To summarize, with poll links you create 1 regular short link which opens a poll page with multiple options, and then you can segment and redirect users based on the option they have selected.


Affiliate Cookies and Building an Affiliate Business with the URL Shortener

As we mentioned earlier, you can drop affiliate cookies on your short link visitors, these cookies are active for 60 days.

If the user opens a new flipmsg account in that time period you gain a new referral in your affiliate business.

What can you do with these referrals?

Your affiliate business is composed of referrals, you earn up to 30% lifetime affiliate commissions from account upgrades, coins for content creators and ad credits.

So when using the URL shortener you are building a long-term asset that can pay you affiliate commissions for years to come.


How to use Traffic tiers and Traffic quality score?

Traffic tiers and quality score is especially useful if you participate in any kind of traffic exchange, or if you buy or sell traffic.

It allows you to see what percentage of the traffic comes from:

  1. Tier 1 English - United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand 
  2. Tier 1 Non english
  3. Tier 2
  4. Tier 3

In addition you can get a quality score for your traffic.

This score is useful, because you can use it to quickly check on the quality of the traffic you are buying, or the traffic a partner sent you.


There are many free URL shorteners out there, and everyone has its own favorite, the Flipmsg URL shortener is a new tool that gives you many benefits.

This tool will be upgraded in the near future, and many more features will be added.

Our goal is to make it the best tool for our users.

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