How To Get Paid In To Shorten Links (In 2020 And Beyond)

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The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

Steps to get paid to shorten links:

  1. Visit the Flipmsg URL Shortener
  2. Enter your long URL
  3. Click on ‘Make it Short’ button
  4. Now you have a short link which functions as an affiliate link.
  5. Drive traffic through the link and drop affiliate cookies on your visitors.
  6. When they open a free Flipmsg account they automatically join your Online Business.
  7. Earn Affiliate Commissions each month (Passive Income)

In this time and age it’s not enough to just create short links, simple services that don’t give you the extra edge are obsolete.

Today you will learn about the swiss knife of the URL Shorteners, the Flipmsg URL Shortener which allows you to monetize your traffic with affiliate cookies, and build a long-term asset , an online business that will pay you for years to come.

Table of Contents:

  1. Flipmsg URL Shortener vs
  2. Flipmsg URL Shortener vs Other URL shorteners that makes you money
  3. How Does It Work Behind The Scenes
  4. Can It Work in Any Niche?
  5. Earn Affiliate Commissions

Flipmsg Shortlinks - The URL Shortener That Makes You Money

Flipmsg URL Shortener vs

How Flipmsg URL Shortener compares to The Flipmsg URL shortener gives you all the functionality you normally expect from, like creating short links from long URLs. It also allows you to customize the backname of the link and view stats.

Customize the Short Link Name

The Flipmsg URL shortener is more flexible in customizing names than other URL shorteners, you can enter special characters into the backname of your links to create powerful descriptive links with calls to action!

For example:

You can separate words with hyphens ‘-’

Steps to customize your short link name:

  1. Create a new short link from a long URL
  2. If you don’t have a Flipmsg account just click the ‘Change Name’ button immediately after you have created your short link.
  3. If you have a Flipmsg account , go to the ‘My Links’ section.
  4. If you have a Flipmsg account you can change the name of each of your links as many times as you want as long as the name is available.

Detailed Analytics:

Flipmsg URL Shortener has detailed analytics, you can see how many clicks you received each day, where the traffic is coming from, who are the referrers, is it email or direct traffic? Or maybe it is a website?

Who are the domains that are sending you traffic, how many visitors you have received from each country, how many visitors you have received from each traffic source.

You can also see what percentage of traffic you receive from different country tiers, and even get a quality score for the traffic.

Steps to view short link stats:

  1. Create a new short link from a long URL
  2. If you don’t have a Flipmsg account click on the ‘View Stats’ button and enter your short link

If you don’t have an account you can view stats for just one link at a time.

  1. If you have a Flipmsg account go to the ‘My Links’ section

There you can view detailed stats for each of your short links with a click of a button.

Flipmsg Shortlinks - The URL Shortener That Makes You Money

Flipmsg URL Shortener vs Other URL shorteners that makes you money

There are many URL shorteners out there that makes you money, but none of them is similar to the Flipmsg URL shortener.

This URL shortener is unique, it’s not like any other URL shortener.

All of the other shorteners out there that let you earn are CPM based, which means you earn per 1,000 clicks/views.

Most of the time you will earn only $10-$20 per 1,000 clicks!

This is not good, because you will need to send about 50,000 - 100,000 clicks per month just to earn $1,000.

The Flipmsg URL Shortener goes hand in hand with the Online Affiliate Business, this business is based on affiliate marketing.

Instead of earning per 1,000 clicks/views (CPM) , you drop affiliate cookies on your short link visitors, and when they open a free Flipmsg account they automatically join your online business as referrals/leads.

This has an accumulating effect, because with time you will have more and more referrals.

The more referrals/leads you have the more potential you have to earn.

In addition these referrals can generate you more and more referrals (second tier referrals) by using the Audience Builder. On autopilot, without generating any more traffic by yourself.

How Does It Work Behind The Scenes

The Flipmsg URL Shortener redirect your visitors to the domain for a fraction of a second, and then drop affiliate cookies on them.

These affiliate cookies are for the Flipmsg website and online business. The cookies are long lasting, they will expire only after 365 days (1 year).

Whenever they open a free Flipmsg account they automatically join your online affiliate business.

This way you are not wasting your traffic, you are making sure that you get the most out the traffic you are sending through your short links.

Flipmsg Shortlinks - The URL Shortener That Makes You Money

Can It Work in Any Niche?

Sure, it doesn’t matter how many short links you are creating, it doesn’t matter what is the niche, and it doesn’t matter what pages or websites you send traffic to.

The bottom line, Flipmsg is a mainstream platform, when users open an account for free and join your online business, sooner or later they will upgrade their account to gold/business, purchase coins for content creators , or purchase advertising credits

At least a percentage of them, and all you need is that 1%-2% will upgrade.

These services are all mainstream that anyone can use and benefit from. Which means that you can make money in any niche with the Flipmsg URL Shortener and the Affiliate Online Business.

Flipmsg Shortlinks - The URL Shortener That Makes You Money

Earn Affiliate Commissions

So you are creating short links from long URLs, and redirecting traffic through them to different locations on the web.

You drop affiliate cookies on your visitors, and a percentage of them, let's say 50% are signing up for a free Flipmsg account.

Now what?

Let's say that you drove 500 clicks through your short links (it doesn’t have to be from a single link)

If you have a 50% conversion rate to sign ups you got 250 referrals/leads.

You can earn monthly affiliate commissions from these 250 leads, how?

You earn affiliate commissions from:

  1. Account upgrades - when users upgrade to a gold/business account, in order to get advanced tools like group posts, advanced URL shortener functionalities, the Audience builder, Content Monetization and a higher affiliate commissions.
  2. Coins for content creators - users purchase coins to support their favorite content creator or influencer, or in order to purchase fan club membership, or maybe feature posts on the influencer content pages.
  3. Advertising Credits - users purchase advertising credits in order to send email notifications to their stream followers or in order to advertise on different areas on

(not all advertising options on support ad credits)

As you can see all of these are broad/mainstream services that can help any user in any niche, and all you have to achieve in order to generate good monthly income is just 1%-2% conversion rate.

For example:

Let's say you have 250 leads with 2% conversion rate to account upgrades each month.

250 * 2% = 5 upgrades (sales)

Each upgrade worth $39.99 so:

5 * $39.99 = $200

You earn 50% affiliate commission , so your net income for the month is $100

$100 for 250 leads is not bad at all.

it means your average earning per lead is $100/250 = $0.40 per lead

With $0.40 earnings per lead each month, you can generate great income if you have enough referrals/leads in your online business.

If you have 10,000 referrals/leads you will earn each month about $4,000 like clockwork.

And this doesn’t include any purchase of coins or ad credits.

In the future we will add more subscriptions types and services so you will earn more affiliate commissions with greater variety.

To learn how you can grow your referrals/leads much faster please learn in more depth about the following topics:

  1. The Audience Builder
  2. Content Monetization

If you liked this article please share it with others, so they can also build an online business just by creating simple short links :) .

Flipmsg Shortlinks - The URL Shortener That Makes You Money

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