What Is The Best Alternative To Gg.gg URL Shortener? (NEW)

Want a URL shortener just like the gg.gg URL shortener , but with free robust analytics and traffic quality score? Check this tool out.

Check out the Flipmsg Shortner

What is the gg.gg URL shortener (Pros and Cons)?

The gg.gg URL shortener is a service which allows you to turn long URLs into small URLs, easily and fast.

It has additional features like creating QR code for your links, and a custom back name(slug) for your short link, you can create unlimited amounts of links and drive unlimited amounts of traffic.


  1. Simple and easy to use
  2. Uses 301 redirects (better for SEO)
  3. Custom name (slug)
  4. Create QR code for your links
  5. Create unlimited amount of short links for free
  6. Drive unlimited amount of clicks for free
  7. Has browser extensions for chrome firefox and opera



  1. No HTTPS, links are unsecure, which means it can cause problems when you trying to use the service on secure website that use the HTTPS protocol
  2. No analytics, you can’t see referring domains, no geolocation of visitors
  3. No monetization
  4. You can't manage many links in one place
  5. No traffic quality score
  6. Can’t use special characters in the short link custom name (slug)
  7. You can not change your custom name(slug) after the initial creation.

The Flipmsg Shortener

Click here to try the Flipmsg shortener

Pros of the Flipmsg Shortener:

  1. FREE to use
  2. Uses 301 redirects (better for SEO)
  3. Save and manage many short links in once place
  4. Use special characters in the link custom name (slug)
  5. Robust analytics
  6. See referring domains
  7. See geo location of visitors on a map
  8. Built-in monetization , you can drop affiliate cookies on your short link visitors , gain referrals, build an affiliate business and earn lifetime affiliate commissions.
  9. Has additional tools like poll links, that create a poll in addition to a regular short link.
  10. Create unlimited amount of short links for free
  11. Drive unlimited amount of clicks for free
  12. Segmentation of the traffic to tiers
  13. Traffic quality score


Cons of the Flipmsg shortener:

  1. Doesn’t have extensions for chrome, firefox or opera
  2. You can not create QR code for your short link.

Here is a list of features that you are missing out on if you are not using the Flipmsg shortener.

Detailed analytics

With the Flipmsg Shortener detailed analytics you can view:

How many clicks you have received 

What countries the users are originating from.

Who are the referring domains?

Is it direct/email traffic or website traffic?

See the geolocation of your visitors on a map

By using it you will have this data, total clicks, countries of origin, referring domains, traffic sources, and devices.


Secure Connection URLs (HTTPS)

If the links do not use the HTTPS protocol, it can cause problems when trying to use the links on a secure website, the users may receive a warning message in their browser before they reach the destination URL.

The gg.gg short URLs are not secure, they use the ‘http’ protocol instead of the ‘https’ protocol.

Manage many links in one place

With the Flipmsg Shortener you can manage an unlimited amount of short links in one place.

You need to open a new flipmsg account.

Then you will be able to manage everything from the ‘my short links' section.

By using it you will have the ability to manage and track many short links in one place.


Use special characters in the link custom name (slug)

With the Flipmsg Shortener  you can enter special characters in your custom name, to create powerful calls to actions.

For example:  /make-money-now!

By using it you will have the option to enter special characters in the custom link name (slug)

Segmentation to traffic tiers

With the Flipmsg URL Shortener you can segment your traffic to traffic tiers, this is helpful to assess the quality of your traffic.

By using it you will segment your traffic to tiers and assess the quality of the traffic based on the percentages.


Traffic Quality Score

The Flipmsg Shortener gives you a traffic quality score, this is helpful if you are buying or selling traffic, participate in ad swaps , traffic exchanges or giveaways.

By using it you will get a quality score for your traffic.

Earn Affiliate Commissions

The Flipmsg URL Shortener gives you the ability to drop affiliate cookies on your short link visitors, the cookies are active for 60 days.

If a user signs up for a free flipmsg account during this period, he will automatically join your affiliate business as a new referral.

You earn lifetime affiliate commissions (up to 30%) from your referrals from account upgrades, coins and ad credits.

Most shorteners don't allow you to monetize your traffic in any form.

And even if they do, they won’t allow you to drop affiliate cookies on your short links visitors.

By using it you will be able to build an affiliate business, and earn lifetime affiliate commissions.


How to create a new short link in 2 simple steps

Using the Flipmsg Shortener is very straightforward.

  1. Visit the Flipmsg shortener
  2. Enter your long URL 
  3. Click on ‘Make it short
  4. That’s it! You have created your first shortened link

Every time you send traffic through your short links you drop affiliate cookies on your short link visitors.


How to view stats/analytics for your link

  1. Click on the ‘View link stats’ button
  2. Enter your short link (copy and paste it)
  3. Click on ‘Get stats

How to manage many links in one place

  1. Open a free flipmsg account
  2. Click on ‘my short links’ button
  3. In this section you can see all the short links you created
  4. You can edit their name, delete them or view stats.


How to see how many referrals you have in your affiliate business

  1. Open a free flipmsg account if you don’t have one already
  2. Click on the ‘my business’ icon
  3. You can see how many referrals you have in this screen


The gg.gg shortener is a great service that allows you to create shortened links easily, but if you want more functionality, you should use the Flipmsg URL shortener.

It will give you robust analytics, the ability to manage your links, change their name or delete them at any time, drop affiliate cookies, and build affiliate business.

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