How To Shorten Google Drive Links | The Smart & Easy Way

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The google URL shortener has been deprecated in march 2019, you can not create new links, and older links are also not accessible anymore.

You can shorten your drive links with the Flipmsg URL Shortener, and easily manage them from the members area

You can lock your google drive link as a bribe with poll links, use it to ask for feedback in return for a file, if you have a large audience.

To shorten a google drive link:

  1. Go to
  2. Copy your long Google drive link
  3. Paste it into the input box
  4. Click on ‘make it short
  5. And you are done
  6. You can edit the backend name of your link (slug), and make it more descriptive in order to share it with others.

Benefits of using the Flipmsg Shortener for your links

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  1. It’s FREE
  2. Easy to use
  3. You can manage all your short links from the members area under ‘my short links
  4. You have maximum flexibility when customizing the short link name (slug), you can enter any special character, and you can change the name an unlimited number of times.
  5. You can drop affiliate cookies on your link visitors and build an online business composed of referrals
  6. You can earn lifetime affiliate commissions from your referrals
  7. You can delete your links at any time
  8. You can view detailed analytics for your links.

If you are sharing google drive links with others , why not drop affiliate cookies and gain referrals in the process?

How does it work?

  1. Create your short link here
  2. Users visit your link
  3. You can track visitors in real time
  4. You are dropping affiliate cookies on your link visitors
  5. Cookies are active for 60 days
  6. If users open a free flipmsg account during this time period you gain new referrals to your online business.
  7. You earn lifetime affiliate commissions from account upgrades, coins and ad credits.

How to share google drive links easily in emails without shortening

This video shows you how you can share an entire folder with all of it’s files, just by using one single link.

You can have many files in one folder, share the link with others, and update the files in the folder whenever you want.

In addition if you are using emails to share the link, all you need to do is to create an anchor text for the link , which will mask the long ugly google drive link.

But , if you want to add tracking to your link, and drop affiliate cookies on visitors (maybe you share it with a large audience).

Or if you are sharing the link outside of email or a blog, you need to use a shortening tool like the Flipmsg Shortener.

Watch this video now:

If you want to get feedback from a large audience before you share a file/folder you can do it with poll links

Lock your Google drive Folder with a Poll

Poll links allows you to shorten your google drive link, and in addition ,lock its content with a simple one page poll.

You can ask a question, with a few answers or options, collect feedback, and then you can redirect users to the link contents.

You can customize your link name just like you would with the regular shortener.

What is the benefit of locking your link contents?

You can use your file/folder as a bribe.

The google drive link can represent a folder and not necessarily a single file.

  1. Maybe you want to lock a PDF document for download (lead magnet)
  2. Maybe you want to lock a TEXT file, with download links or codes
  3. Maybe you want to lock a video file or a set of clips
  4. Or maybe it’s a download zip file

Either way you can share this link with an audience like a lead magnet.

If you share your link with a large audience you probably want to get some feedback in return.

Sending users to a simple one question poll can do the trick.

So if you have a bribe (files), you can use it to ask for feedback from your audience.

Of course it’s not very useful if all you are doing is sharing the link with a small number of people.

Use the link as a bribe to survey your audience. (if you have an audience)

If you don’t have an audience a good place to start will be by building a following on flipmsg profiles.

How to shorten and lock your google drive link with polls

  1. Go to Flipsmsg Polls - The #1 (FREE) Online Poll Tool
  2. Enter your long drive link
  3. Enter a question
  4. Enter at least 2 options/answers
  5. Set the redirect destination to the google drive link… for each of the options
  6. Click on ‘duplicate URLs’ if necessary, to duplicate the same URL for all options/answers.
  7. And click on ‘create poll link

That’s it!

Now you have a short link that acts like a poll, you can share it with your audience , and collect feedback.

Users must complete the poll and give you feedback in order to access the file/folder contents.

This means that your engagement rate will be high.

After users completed the poll (which takes 5 seconds), they will be redirected to the final destination.

And get access to the file or folder.

View poll stats easily by clicking the button ‘view stats’

Manage many poll links in once place under ‘my polls’ section

If you are shortening your google drive link, why not use it to survey your audience and get feedback in return for a file


You can short your google drive link with bitly or similar shorteners, but you miss out on a great opportunity to accumulate affiliate referrals over time.

Which eventually can lead to affiliate commissions.

And the opportunity to survey your audience and get something from sharing your files with others.

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