How To Shorten Google Form Link? (Best Method 2021)

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Want to get traffic stats for your google form links? 

Use the Flipmsg Shortener with your Google form links.

This post will show you how to create a short link for your google form link.

If you use the free Flipmsg URL shortener, you will be able to track stats, and get a traffic quality score for your form visitors.

In addition you will be able to drop affiliate cookies and build an affiliate business in the process.

You also have the ability to shorten your form link with a tool called poll-links.

This tool will allow you to create a poll and redirect users based on their answer to the right google form.

This enables you to segment your traffic to different google forms.

How to shorten a google form link:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your long form link into the input box
  3. Click on ‘make it short’
  4. And that's it!,
  5. You can now customize your short link name
  6. And you can track the performance of your link
  7. In addition you drop affiliate cookies on your link visitors

Can you rename your google form link?

After you have created your short link, you can customize the back half name of the link (slug).

You have 2 ways to do it:

Rename your link immediately after you have created it:

  1. click on the ‘change name’ button
  2. Click a new name for your link
  3. Click on ‘Change it!’

Rename your short link from the Manage Links section

  1. Signup for a free Flipmsg account
  2. Create your short link using your google form link
  3. From the ‘Manage Links’ section you can choose the short link
  4. Click on ‘Edit’ link
  5. Enter a new name and click change it.

Flipmsg URL shortener and Poll Links allows you to enter special characters into your link custom name (slug)

Update: It used to be that you can shorten your google form links inside google forms itself by using the Google URL shortener, it was a built-in option.

But the google url shortener was deprecated in march 2019, so this option is not available anymore.

Now they have a new built-in URL shortener inside of google forms, but it doesn’t offers the same functionality as the old shortener.

Read on to learn what benefits the Flipmsg URL shortener gives you that the Google Forms built-in URL shortener does not.

Why to use the Flipmsg Shortener instead of the built in Google Forms shortener?

With the built-in google form shortener:

  1. You can’t customize your link name
  2. You can’t enter special characters into your link name
  3. You don’t have robust built-in analytics for your short link
  4. You can’t see referring domains, countries, tiers of traffic, traffic quality score, link history
  5. You can’t create polls
  6. You can’t drop affiliate cookies on your link visitors and build an affiliate business

Read on to learn how you can turn your short links into affiliate links , drop affiliate cookies on your link visitors and build an online business in the process.

Drop Affiliate Cookies and generate referrals

Flipmsg URL shortener allows you to drop affiliate cookies for the Flipmsg Affiliate business, which is essentially a referral program.

Each time a user visits your short link, the affiliate cookie is dropped.

The cookie is active for 60 days.

If the user opens a new flipmsg account during this time period. He automatically joins your affiliate business as a new referral.

You earn lifetime affiliate commissions from your referrals on account upgrades (business account), coins and ad credits.

This is how the affiliate business dashboard looks like inside the flipmsg members area.

How does it work (Step by step)?

  1. You create your google form, and take the long form link
  2. You go to the Free URL shortener or Poll Links
  3. Enter your long google form link
  4. Click on ‘make it short’ button
  5. Now you have a new short link
  6. You can customize your link name by clicking on the ‘edit name’ button.
  7. Your short link acts as an affiliate link
  8. An affiliate cookie which is active for 60 days is dropped every time a user visits your link.

What are the benefits of using Flipmsg URL shortener in combination with Google Forms?

  1. Attractive link - You can make your long form links shorter and prettier.
  2. You can customize your link name 
  3. Special characters - it is the only shortener that allows you to enter special characters inside your custom name.
  4. Robust Analytics - you can view link history and detailed analytics, see referring domains, email/direct traffic, where your visitors are coming from, countries of origins, tiers and quality score for your traffic.
  5. Your links are secure with the HTTPS protocol.
  6. Build an online business - drop affiliate cookies on your link visitors, when they sign up for a free account, they will automatically join your online business as new referrals.
  7. Lifetime affiliate commissions - earn lifetime affiliate commissions from the referrals in your online business.

From account upgrades, coins and ad credits (10-30% commission).

Manage all your short links in one place and view stats

Alternative way to shorten your Google Form link with Bitly



  1. You can use bitly 
  2. You get traffic stats , something you don’t have with google forms built in tool
  3. You have the ability to edit and customize your link name

Using Poll Links to shorten your google from links

Another creative way to shorten your long google form links, is to create 2 different forms , and use the free poll-links tool to create a simple poll.

The poll consists of a question and a minimum of 2 answers, this way not only you create a short link, but you also redirect traffic to the appropriate google form based on their answer to a question.

You can customize your short link name just like with the regular URL shortener, and you can track the poll results, traffic stats and traffic quality.

You can also send people to other locations anywhere on the web, so if a user didn’t choose the appropriate answer, you can choose to redirect him to a different location instead of a google form.

Final thoughts:

Instead of using the google forms built-in shortener, you can use the Flipmsg shortener or Poll Links to track traffic stats and quality score or conduct polls.

In addition you can drop 60 day affiliate cookies on your link visitors, accumulate referrals, and build a long-term asset that can pay you lifetime affiliate commissions.

Helpful Resources:

  1. Flipmsg URL shortener - free alternative to bitly and tiny url, gives you robust analytics and the ability to drop affiliate cookies on your visitors.
  2. Poll Links - redirect traffic based on an answer to a question (segment your traffic)
  3. Affiliate Business - build an online business that consists of referrals, earn lifetime affiliate commissions (beta).
  4. Bitly - another great alternative
  5. tinyURL - another great alternative

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