What Happened To Google URL Shortener (Better Alternative?)

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The Google URL Shortener has stopped accepting new users since april 12 , 2018, and was finally deprecated in march 30 2019, after google announced they are discontinuing the service.

Old links should still be working, but there are other alternatives like the Flipmsg Shortener, bitly and tinyURL.

So what to do next?

Fortunately you have a lot of alternatives to the Google Shortener, which works even better, for example the URL Shortener from Flipmsg.

Other alternatives include bitly, tinyURL, and rebrandly.


What about the Flipmsg Shortener?

It’s easy to use, just like the old google service, you have robust free analytics. And you can see the origin of your visitors on a geo location map.

In addition you have functionalities you didn’t have with the old google shortener as:

Traffic quality score and segmentation to traffic tiers

With the Flipmsg shortener your traffic is segmented to traffic tiers, and you receive a quality score, this is helpful if you buy and sell traffic, or participate in traffic exchanges, ad swaps and giveaways.


Detailed real time analytics

Watch clicks in real time, view referring domains, traffic sources, how many clicks you have received from each country, segmentation to traffic tiers, quality score, and the geolocation of your visitors on a map.

Affiliate cookies and affiliate business (Earn affiliate commissions from your referrals)

With the Flipmsg shortener you can drop affiliate cookies on your link visitors, the cookie is active for 60 days, during this time if a user opens a free Flipmsg account , he will automatically join your affiliate business as a new referral.

You earn lifetime affiliate commissions (up to 30%) from your referrals, on account upgrades, coins for content creators and ad credits.


Create Polls

An extension tool for the Flipmsg shortener is poll-links, which allows you to create a short link that is also a poll.

You create a simple poll, (a question with few options), and you receive a short URL with the ability to customize it’s back name (slug).

You have the same analytics as the regular shortener, and additional info about the poll itself.

You can see how many people exit the poll, how many participated, and the poll results, how many users selected each answer/option in the poll.

You can delete your links, change the custom name (slug) at any time, and share it on social media, email, or on your website.


Special characters in the custom name (slug)

You can enter any special character you want in the custom name (slug), this can help you create a powerful call to actions.

You can separate words with hyphen ‘-’ to make your slug more readable and enticing.

Special characters include:

!@#$%^&*)(_)}|- = , and more.

Change the custom name as many times as you like

Unlike many other shorteners, with Flipmsg you can change your custom name (slug) as many times as you wish, as long as it is available and not taken by another user.

Delete your links any time you wish

You can delete them any time you want, the data is yours not ours. If you want to delete your links with all the data associated with them, you can do it any time you wish


Manage everything in one place

To manage all your links and polls in one place , you want to create a new flipmsg account, and only then create your polls and short links.

If you create them before you have created a new account, they won’t be associated with your account and you won’t be able to manage them.

All the short links and polls that have been created after account creation will be associated with the account.

From the members area you can see all your short links and polls in one place, you can change their name, view stats or delete them.


Final thoughts

The google URL shortener was a great tool just like any other google product, but google decided to end it and shift their efforts to a new project, firebase.

it’s ok, you have other alternatives you can use which are even better than the old google service.

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