Flipmsg | The #1 URL Shortener For Instagram In 2020-2021

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The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

So you need a URL shortener for Instagram?

There is a problem: the google url shortener was deprecated in march 2019, so what alternatives do you have now?

In this article we will discuss why the Flipmsg URL shortener is the best alternative to , and TinyURL.

And why it is also perfect for instagram users.

Table of Contents:

  1. Build an Online Business (Affiliate Business) From your Instagram Followers
  2. Monetize your Traffic for the Long-term
  3. Create Powerful customized short links for Instagram
  4. Build an email list (audience) from your Instagram Followers
  5. Learn about your instagram followers

The best URL shortener for Instagram is the Flipmsg URL shortener which allows you to monetize your instagram traffic by building an online business and an email list.

It also helps you to better understand your audience with segmentation by country tiers and traffic quality score.

‘It’s the only URL shortener that allows you to monetize your traffic by building a long-term asset (an online affiliate business)’

The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

Build an Army of Referrals (Online Affiliate Business) From your Instagram Followers

Unlike any other URL shortener out there, the Flipmsg URL shortener allows you to drop affiliate cookies on your short link visitors in any niche and in any market.

The affiliate cookies last for 60 days (2 months), and when your short link visitors open a new flipmsg account for free during this timespan, they automatically join your online affiliate business as new referrals/leads.

These referrals/leads can generate you monthly affiliate commissions from account upgrades, email/ad credits and coins for content creators.

The more referrals/leads you have in your online affiliate business the more earnings potential you have each month.

If you have enough referrals or leads you can definitely generate enough monthly income to replace or supplement your day job.

You are building an army of referrals/leads on a platform that can generate your monthly affiliate commissions on autopilot.

Unlike an email list you don’t need offers to promote, flipmsg already has built-in monetization in it.

‘With an email list, you need to drive traffic from a specific niche, but with the Flipmsg Online Business, you can gain referrals from any type of traffic from any niche, because any user can upgrade their account or purchase coins or credits.’

The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

Monetize your Traffic for the Long-term

After you gain enough referrals/leads in your online business (built a small army of referrals) from the traffic you sent from instagram through your short links.

You want to make money from your referrals… otherwise why you sent traffic and got them to sign up in the first place.

The good news is that you don’t need to do anything, you just need to upgrade your account from basic to gold/business account. This will bump your affiliate commissions from 3%-5% to 30%-50%.

Not only that it gives you a higher commission rate, but it will also give you advanced tools that come with the Flipmsg URL shortener.

In addition, the gold account is a one time payment of $39.99 every 2 months! (60 days), and it’s non-recurring.

Which means you don’t need to pay each month, and it won’t auto recur (there are no unexpected surprises when it comes to billing).

This upgrade also allows you to grow your online business virally and passively with the ‘Audience Business Builder

And also it allows you to gain referrals from uploading high quality content to the Flipmsg Blog.

The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

Create Powerful customized short links for Instagram

Only the Flipmsg URL shortener allows you to separate words inside your short links custom backname with hyphens ‘-’ or underscores ‘_’.

And only the Flipmsg URL shortener allows you to include special characters inside the custom backname (slug).

Special characters like : !@#%$^%&(){}]

This helps you to create more powerful calls to action that can increase your CTR (click through rates) through the roof!

We will soon moving the URL shortener from the domain to a new domain:

This will help you create shortener and even more powerful links for instagram and facebook without using a custom domain.

The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

Build an email list (audience) from your Instagram Followers

Only the Flipmsg URL shortener allows you to build an audience (an email list) inside the flipmsg platform.

Not only do you collect, and store emails inside Flipmsg, but you can also send emails to your email subscribers from Flipmsg by using an SMTP service like pepipost.

You can also build your email list with an external email service like getresponse or aweber, or maybe convertkit.

This is another way you can leverage the traffic you generate from your instagram followers.

Just create a short link, and then insert it to your instagram bio.

With time you will get more and more clicks through your short link in the bio. And you will gain more and more emails and more referrals for your online business.

You are building 2 long-term assets at the same time while doing nothing but creating short links and directing traffic through them, something you were already been doing with services like bitly and tinyurl.

The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

Get insights on your instagram followers

When you direct traffic from instagram through your short links, you will get very useful information about your followers.

You can see a map with the geolocation of your followers, this will help you understand where in the world your instagram followers are located.

In addition you can see segmentation of your traffic to traffic tiers, from tier1-english to tier1-non-english , tier2 and tier3 countries.

And you will also get a traffic quality score based on the traffic country tiers.

This will help you understand the quality of your audience (instagram followers), are you have quality followers from quality countries, or maybe the majority of you audience is from third world countries.

In conclusion:

The Flipmsg URL shortener is a great tool for instagram, if you have instagram pages and an audience, you can insert a short link inside your bio section.

This link can be an affiliate link, while you direct traffic through your short link you can build 2 assets at the same time, an email list and the Flipmsg online affiliate business.

All while you get valuable insights about your instagram followers via your short link stats.

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