What Is The Best URL Shortener For Instagram? (2021)

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Want a URL Shortener for Instagram? You have come to the right place.

Instagram allows you to share links only in the profile and in Instagram stories if you have a business account with 10,000 followers or more.

How to create a short link for instagram

  1. Goto
  2. Enter the destination URL inside the input box
  3. Click on ‘Make it Short
  4. That’s it, now you have a new short link.

You can share this link on instagram or on any other platform.

First, Let's examine some of the features you may want to use.

Customize your short link name (slug)

You can create powerful call to actions by customizing your short link name, for example:


With the flipmsg shortener you can enter special characters in the custom name, this allows you to separate words with hyphen (‘-’).

And making your call to actions more enticing by including symbols like ‘!’ and ‘$’.

Most URL shorteners do not allow you to include special characters in the custom name

How to add a link to instagram stories

The link in instagram story is called a swipe up link.


  1. You need a verified account with 10,000 followers
  2. Take a photo to add to your instagram story
  3. Click on the link icon on the topbar
  4. You will see an ‘add link’ dialogue
  5. Enter your short link
  6. Click done
  7. Now publish your story

Your story now has a ‘see more’ link.

This link will take the user to the required destination, you can use your short link instead

Using your short link instead of a regular one, will enable you to get a traffic quality score for your instagram traffic, it will allow you to sell traffic, or to exchange traffic with others.

Create Polls For Instagram (with a short link)

You can create a poll link here.

A poll link is a regular short link but with added functionalities.

You can add a question or call to action as the title, and give your users few answers or options to choose from.

Then you can redirect users based on the answer or option they have selected to any destination you like.

This will segment your traffic, and allows you to redirect users to different content and landing pages.

Why is a short link with a poll useful?

This is useful if you want to survey your audience on instagram, or any other platform like facebook, twitter, youtube , and you can use it even inside your emails and on your blog.

You can see what your audience thinks about different topics, you can understand your audience better, learn what they want and what they need, and give it to them.

You get all the stats and analytics of the regular URL Shortener, but with added data such as:

  1. How many users participated in the poll
  2. How many users exit the poll
  3. What many users (percentage and numbers) chose each option or answer

In addition you get a traffic quality score, segmentation to country tiers, and the geolocation of your poll visitors on a geographic map.

You also drop affiliate cookies on visitors who landed on the poll page, this can be helpful for the long term monetization of your instagram traffic.

Instead of using regular short links, use poll links to learn more about your audience on instagram or in any other platform

Traffic quality score and segmentation to tiers

With the Flipmsg Shortener and Poll links you get a Traffic quality score, and the traffic is segmented to traffic country tiers.

This allows you to quickly assess the quality of the traffic with a glance.

Why is this helpful?

This can be helpful if you have partners for traffic exchanges, when you drive traffic to one another, for example:

Ad swaps

Click banking


This can also be helpful if you are selling traffic from your instagram page.

You can use this to show the quality of the traffic to a potential buyer, by taking screenshots as evidence.

This will show the demographics and quality of your traffic to future potential buyers.

Manage all your links in one place

You can manage all your links in one place from the members area. 

First you will need to open a new flipmsg account.

Then, go to the ‘my shortlinks' section.

Here you can find all the links associated with your account.

Links that you have created before opening your account will not be accessible.

If you have created a poll with poll-links, you can manage all your polls from the ‘my polls’ section.

Drop affiliate cookies on Instagram visitors

With the Flipmsg Shortener you can drop affiliate cookies on the link visitors.

Why is this helpful?

The cookies are active for 60 days, when a user signs up during this time period for a new flipmsg account, he will automatically join your affiliate business as a new referral.

Affiliate business and Referrals

Your affiliate business is composed of users who visited your short links and signed up for a new flipmsg account.

These users are called referrals.

You earn lifetime affiliate commissions on those referrals, up to 30%, from account upgrades (business account), coins for content creators and ad credits.

Final Thoughts

The Flipmsg URL shortener along with Poll Links give you many features that can help you boost your results on instagram.

You can use the segmentation and quality score features for selling or buying traffic, and for traffic exchanges.

You can use the affiliate cookies feature, and the affiliate business for long term monetization of your instagram traffic.

You can use polls to learn more about your audience, segment your visitors based on their interests or an answer to a question.

You can redirect them to any location you like, whether it’s an optin page or a money page.

You can use poll links in combination with email marketing, by funneling users to the right funnel after they have answered a poll question.

Then you can run a follow-up sequence on each of the user groups.

All these tactics will work not only for instagram, but also for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Email, TikTok, Snapchat and on your blog.

Many more features will be added to the URL Shortener in the future so stay tuned.

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