The #1 Shortener For Making Money | Flipmsg URL Shortener

The #1 Alternative (FREE) to Bit.ly, Goo.gl and TinyURL

The #1 Alternative (FREE) to Bit.ly, Goo.gl and TinyURL

In this article we will talk about the Flipmsg URL Shortener, and how it lets you make money online.

How it is different from Other url shorteners that let you earn. And why it is the best among all other URL shorteners out there.

You can use the Flipmsg URL shortener like any other URL shortener (bit.ly for example)

You are not forced to use it for the purpose of making money online, making money online is just an added benefit to the Flipmsg URL Shortener

It’s a Multi purpose tool that if necessary can help you monetize your traffic, build an online business and earn a living online.

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Why The Flipmsg URL Shortener is the best way for making money online?

Unlike many other URL shorteners that let you earn money, the Flipmsg URL shortener is not CPM based (you are getting paid for 1,000 clicks on your short links).

Usually the way you are making money from your short links is by driving traffic through these links (a lot of traffic) , and you get paid for 1,000 views/clicks.

This is the way all other URLs shorteners that let you make money online are working.

The payout is very low, usually $10 - $20 per 1,000 clicks for US traffic. For lower quality countries you will get even less (much less, it can be as low as $2 CPM for traffic from india).

So if you want to earn about $1,000 each month , you will need to drive about 50,000 - 100,000 clicks each and every month, and at least 90% of it should be US traffic.

This is not the way you want to make money online.

It’s almost impossible to drive 50,000 - 100,000 every month just to earn $1,000, and what if you want to earn more than that? forget it.

This is not what you call passive income. 

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How is it different from other URL shorteners that let you make money?

URL Shorteners that let you earn money, do it by giving you some profits from advertisements.

You earn per 1,000 views/clicks that you drive through your short links.

As we said earlier this is not a good way to make money online.

Flipmsg URL shortener does things differently, instead of paying you per 1,000 views/clicks upfront, it lets you build an online business , by dropping affiliate cookies on your short link visitors.

Your short links function as affiliate links for the Flipmsg Platform.

After you drop affiliate cookies on your short links visitors, they have 1 year (365 days) to open a free Flipmsg account.

When they open a Free Flipmsg Account they automatically joins your Online Business (Affiliate Business)

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What is an Affiliate Business?

Affiliate business is an Online Business that is based on affiliate marketing.

The way you earn money with an affiliate business is by earning affiliate commissions from your referrals/leads that are in your online business.

You earn affiliate commissions from account upgrades (Gold/Business accounts) , coins, and advertising credits.

Up to 50% affiliate commission rate.

The more referrals/leads you have the more potential you have to earn more money.

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What are Referrals/Leads?

Referrals/leads are users who joined your affiliate business (Online Business).

They have joined your online business after you have dropped affiliate cookies on them with your short links which act as affiliate links for your online business. 

Then they have opened a free flipmsg account within 1 year (365 days) period.

After you drop affiliate cookies with your short links on your links visitors, they have 365 days (1 year) to open a free Flipmsg account, the cookies are long lasting.

When they create a new Flipmsg account for free they automatically join your Online Business as referrals/leads.

The more referrals/leads you have the more potential you have to earn each month.

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Can it work in any niche with any kind of traffic?

The Flipmsg URL shortener and the Flipmsg Online business can work with any type of traffic and in any niche.

Lets see how,

It doesn’t matter what niche the visitors belong to, or what their interests are.

They join your business as referrals/leads. And when they upgrade their account to Gold/Business you earn 50% affiliate commission.

But why should they upgrade their account?

They will upgrade because the gold/business accounts are connected to multiple services that provide value.

Like the Premium URL shortener, Group Posts, Audience Builder, and more services will be introduced in the future.

They are also upgrading to receive higher affiliate commissions from their own referrals/leads, and in order to turn on content monetization which allows them to monetize the content they have uploaded to the platform.

More services will be added/connected to the gold and business accounts in the future.

Even if 1% of your referrals/leads upgrade their account each month you make a lot of money.

You also earn from coins for content creators and from advertising credits.

You should focus on gaining more and more referrals/leads in your affiliate business by driving more and more traffic through your short links which act as affiliate links.

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How much money can you make with The Flipmsg URL shortener?

You make money by dropping affiliate cookies on your short links visitors, and generating referrals/leads for your online business, when the visitors are opening a free Flipmsg account you gain new referrals/leads in your online business.

When they join the Flipmsg Platform they automatically join your online business as leads/referrals.

Let's do some math.

If you have 10,000 referrals/leads and 1% of them upgrade to a gold account each month.

This is 100 upgrades * $39.99 = $4,000

If you earn 50% affiliate commission, your earnings for the month are $2,000.

But this is from account upgrades only.

You can also earn from coins and advertising credits.

Let's say another 1% purchased $10 worth of coins, and another 1% purchased $10 worth of advertising credits.

These are additional 200 sales * 10 = $2,000

You earn about 30% commission on coins/advertising credits.

Which means now you have added $600 to your monthly earnings.


You total earnings for the month: $2,600 from 10,000 referrals/leads.

As you can see this is a real online business that can generate you substantial income each month, and it is based on affiliate marketing.

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How can you grow your business virally?

The Flipmsg online business comes with a tool called ‘The Audience Builder’ (Available only for gold/business accounts).

This tool gives you all the referrals/leads that your existing referrals/leads are generating (second tier referrals).

This means you can grow virally without driving any traffic through your short links.

And with no content.

You are relying on your existing referrals to drive traffic through their short links for you. 

This way you gain all the referrals they are generating (second tier referrals).

From affiliate commissions stand point, you earn only half the commission rate for second tier referrals.

For example:

You have 1,000 referrals/leads in your online business, 10% of them are driving traffic through short links or other means.

On average each of them drove 30 clicks.

1,000 * 10% = 100 referrals leads * 30 clicks = 3,000

You have received 3,000 clicks through the Audience Builder, without driving any traffic yourself.

From the 3,000 clicks about 30% signup for a Flipmsg account.

You have just received 1,000 new referrals/leads to your online business without driving any traffic.(second tier referrals).

This is the power of the Audience Builder (Available only for gold/business accounts).

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How can you grow your business by uploading content?

You can gain referrals/leads for your online business by driving traffic through your short links which act as affiliate links in any niche.

But there is another way that is more passive to grow your online business, and this is by uploading content to the Flipmsg blog.

You upload content to the Flipmsg blog, and then you can monetize the content by upgrading to a ‘gold/business’ account.

When you upgrade your account you turn on ‘content monetization’.

content monetization is a way to monetize the content you upload to Flipmsg or create inside the platform by gaining new referrals from the visitors that visit your content pages.

When a user lands on your content, and then signs up for a free Flipmsg account, he will be added automatically to your Online Business (Affiliate Business) as a new referral/lead.

And this is how content monetization works in a nutshell.

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Create Content and Earn
Earn From Coins For Content Creators and 50% Affiliate Commissions
From Coins, Ad Credits and Account Upgrades
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