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The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

What is the Twitter URL Shortener?

The Twitter URL shortener was introduced in august 2010, and it automatically turns URLs shared on the twitter platform to short links with the domain

This helps to make the links shorter and cleaner and saves you characters from the total amount of characters allowed in a tweet.

Twitter URL shortener doesn't have any functionality in it, all it does is to turn long URLs into short urls, it looks nicer and cleaner, twitter is also taking control on the use of external URL shorteners on it’s platform, most noticeably ‘’.

In addition , Twitter uses its URL shortener to collect data for user recommendations.

What is the Flipmsg URL shortener and why to use it?

The Flipmsg URL shortener is a Free service just like, and tinyURL but more advanced with more Free features. 

Flipmsg URL Shortener has FREE Features like:

(Free Feature) - The ability to create custom names and call to actions 

With the Flipmsg URL shortener you can create unlimited amounts of short links with custom names each and every month.

You can create powerful calls to action by using ‘-’ (hyphens) between words in your custom name, and by using special characters (something that other URL shorteners don’t allow).

Special characters like:

‘! $ # ( ) @ % ^ * - & * ‘ and more…

Create powerful custom names, for example:









No other URL shortener allows you to do that.

In addition you can change your custom name anytime you want and as many times you want , easily through your managed links section.

(Free Feature) - The ability to monetize your traffic with affiliate cookies

With the Flipmsg URL shortener you can monetize your traffic in any niche, you drop affiliate cookies on your short link visitors, and then they sign up for a Free Flipmsg account.

When they join Flipmsg they automatically joins your Online Business as referrals/leads

Then you can earn affiliate commissions from all of your referrals/leads on a monthly basis for the lifetime of the lead.

You earn from account upgrades (Gold and Business Accounts), coins and advertising credits.

Up to 50% affiliate commissions!.

(Free Feature) - The ability to build an Online Business

Only the Flipmsg URL shortener gives you the ability to gain referrals/leads by dropping affiliate cookies on your visitors.

As a result you are building a long-term asset that can pay you for years to come. This asset is an Online Business which is based on Affiliate Marketing.

In this type of business you are making money by earning affiliate commissions from your referrals/leads in your online business.

Is it possible to Use Flipmsg URL Shortener on Twitter?

You definitely can, and it’s recommended, because unlike the Twitter URL shortener, with Flipmsg you can view short link stats, for example: which countries sent you traffic, and how much traffic each country sent you.

You can also see referring domains , and how much traffic each domain sent you.

Another thing you can see is a traffic quality score and what percentage of traffic comes from each tier of countries.

All this data gives you valuable insights about your short link performance and traffic quality.

Why to use the Flipmsg URL shortener inside of Twitter?

If you already redirect traffic through your short links why not to monetize it?

You want to get the most from your valuable traffic.

With the Flipmsg URL shortener you can drop affiliate cookies on your short link visitors, then they have 1 year (365 days) to sign up for a Free Flipmsg account.

When they do sign up they automatically become referrals/leads in your Online Business (Affiliate Business).

Then, you can earn monthly affiliate commissions from account upgrades (Gold and Business accounts), coins, and advertising credits.

How the Twitter URL Shortener Works?

Twitter uses a library to parse the long URL it detects inside a tweet. Then it will wrap the link inside a short link (it’s own URL shortener domain name).

Twitter will wrap any link it detects that doesn’t have protocols like http or https.

And also it will wrap any links that do have the http or https protocols in them.

All links you post inside your tweet, including short links created by other services (like flipmsg,,, tinyURL etc) will be wrapped by twitter using their own URL shortener.

All the links inside twitter eventually will use the domain name. No matter what URL shortener you are using.

This way twitter can control the length of the short links inside their platform and limit it to 23 characters.

Even if the url you pasted inside your tweet is less than 23 characters, twitter will turn it to a 23 character short url.

So the length of each link inside a twitter tweet is always predictable.

Twitter uses it’s URL shortener service to gather information about user behaviour and how many times a link was clicked.

It uses the data to create user recommendations for other users.

Twitter also has a blacklist of domains , they use this blacklist to protect users from potentially dangerous websites.

If a destination domain is in the blacklist the user will receive a warning before it can proceed to the website.

Things to consider when using the Flipmsg short link inside Twitter

When you are using a custom name with your Flipmsg short link, try to avoid some special characters as it may be removed automatically by twitter, and it will cause the link not to work.

You need to take special characters in your custom short link name into consideration when using your short links inside the Twitter platform.

Twitter will try to wrap your short links into its own links. And in this process it may remove some of your custom name characters, which will break your short link functionality.

So be careful with special characters in your short link custom name, when you use your short links inside of twitter.

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