How To Create URL Shortener Custom Name 2020 (Step By Step)

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The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

How do I shorten a custom URL?

In order to create a custom url you need to choose a URL Shortener tool for the job, you have many options available to you:

  1. Flipmsg url shortener - all around the best free URL shortener, easy to use with great analytics and quality score for your traffic, see clicks, referring domains and countries. You can also get a quality score for your traffic.
  2. Bitly - trusted and old, simple and easy to use
  3. Rebrandly - gives you the biggest number of branded link domain names for a free account (about 5)
  4. tinyURL - trusted by users and very simple to use.

How can i create a Custom name for my Shortened URLs?

With flipmsg url shortener all you need to do is to click on the edit link button after you created your short link. then you will have an input field to enter your new custom name for the link.

If you create a free flipmsg account you can manage many of your short links easily inside the ‘my links’ section, from there you can change your short link names as many times as you like, as long as the names are available, your links are also saved long-term and are not deleted.

It is recommended that you open a free flipmsg account to manage all of your short links conveniently.

What is a custom name for a short link?

A custom name for a short link is a descriptive name in the back end of a short link that allows users to see what the link is about.

It can boost the clickthrough rate on the link.

For example you can use a custom name to call users for a specific action , like ‘visit now’, ‘signup now’, ‘read this’, ‘click here’ etc..

Or you can use a custom name to give the destination page a name like: 

3 best places for eating sushi:

Why flipmsg URL shortener custom names are the better than others?

Only with flipmsg url shortener custom names you can include special characters in your custom name like hyphens ‘-’, or question mark ‘?’, or dollar sign ‘$’, or other special characters including: ‘# @ ( ) + - _’ etc…

This is very powerful. For example you can create a link that describes the destination page with words that are separated by hyphens.

Or just a simple short link like:

What is a branded URL Shortener?

A branded url shortener is a url shortener that allows you to create short links with a custom domain name. So your short links look like they are from your own domain and brand and not from an external service. This can boost trust and click through rate on your link.

Which is the best URL Shortener?

There are many url shorteners to choose from, each of them has it’s unique advantages, there isn’t one that is necessarily the best url shortener, it depends on your specific needs and goals.

You can read the article 12 best url shortener alternatives

Here is a short list of url shorteners that are the best:

  1. Flipmsg url shortener
  2. Bitly
  3. tinyURL
  4. Rebrandly
  5. Sniply 

Should I use a URL Shortener?

Using a url shortener has many advantages, one of them is that you can use a custom name in the back name of the link, this can have a call to action, or a descriptive text , both in which can boost your clickthrough rate.

In addition, a url shortener allows you to track clicks, see referrers ,devices and countries of which the traffic is originated from.

And these are only the basic functionalities a url shortener can provide, there are many more advanced features that are very useful.

So the answer is YES, it’s recommended that you use a url shortener, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain , and best of all , most of them are free.

Does google has a URL Shortener?

Google had one of the best free url shorteners out there, but unfortunately it was deprecated in march 2019, the url shortener website isn’t available anymore, you can not create new links, and you can not access old data from your old links.

What is the Flipmsg URL Shortener?

The flipmsg URL shortener is a free URL shortener that allows you to create short links from a long URL.

It’s very easy to use, you just paste the long URL and then click on the ‘Make it short!’ button

Flipmsg is a unique URL shortener because it allows you to build an online business that can give you passive income just by driving traffic through your links.

You drop affiliate cookies on visitors and when they sign up for a free flipmsg account they become referrals in your affiliate business.

How do you earn from referrals in your Online Affiliate Business?

Your online business (affiliate business) is composed of referrals.

Referrals are users you accumulate in your online business by driving users via affiliate links, like a channel or page affiliate link, or by driving traffic via the flipmsg URL Shortener.

You make money from your referrals in the form of affiliate commissions, from account upgrades (gold account and business account), up to 50% recurring affiliate commission for the lifetime of the user!

You also earn from coins for content creators. And ad credits which are a type of virtual currency for advertisement.

Can I make money with shortener?

No, but you can make money with the flipmsg url shortener.

When you redirect traffic through your short links we drop affiliate cookies on your visitors, then when they create a free flipmsg account they become your online business referrals.

Referrals are users you referred by using your short links or via another type of affiliate links,like a page or channel affiliate links.

These referrals are also called leads, and they are the leads of your affiliate business.

The more referrals you have (or leads), the more money you can make, you earn from affiliate commissions when these referrals upgrade to gold/business accounts, purchase ad credits or coins for content creators.

What's great about this, is that it has a cumulative effect, with time you will accumulate more and more referrals/leads, and it doesn’t matter what traffic and in what niche you are in, all visitors from all niches can join your online business as referrals.

You can use your short links to monetize your blog, a youtube channel or your social media accounts and assets.

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