2020 Free Online URL Shortener (Bitly, Google Alternative)

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The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

The #1 Alternative (FREE) to, and TinyURL

What is the best URL shortener?

There isn’t one best url shortener, each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Some of them are great for monetization, you generate revenue per click (usually it’s a very small amount) you will need about 6000 clicks per day to make $10! , something like $0.001 per click.

Good example for this is adfly.

Some of them are good for branding like rebrandly which gives you many custom domains with the free account.

Some of them are just simple to use like flipmsg, bitly and tinyURL

Some of them are multifunctional, and give you the ability to install conversion pixels in order to track conversions, create calls to action, collect emails, and redirect traffic again to another destination, after visitors reached the first destination, a good example for this is sniply.

Why is Flipmsg URL shortener different?

Flipmsg is a simple url shortener but it gives you the ability to collect leads/referrals and build an online business while you redirect traffic through your short links.

The way it does that is by dropping affiliate cookies on your link visitors, when they return to flipmsg to open a free account later on, they join your online business (affiliate business).

Try the Free Flipmsg Online URL Shortener here

What can you do with an affiliate business?

Affiliate business (flipmsg online business) is an online business based on affiliate marketing, which allows you to make money online without the need of inventory (like in e-commerce), without upfront costs, and with minimum risk.

All you need to do is accumulate leads/referrals in your online business and then you can earn affiliate commissions from them on a monthly basis, for the lifetime of the user.

You earn up to 50% affiliate commissions from account upgrades (gold/business accounts), coins for content creators and ad credits.

How can I use Flipmsg URL shortener?

To use flipmsg url shortener you need to visit it here.

Then just enter your long url and click on the ‘make it short!’ button. And that's it, now you have a short link you can use to track clicks, referrers, and countries of origin.

You can also use the url shortener analytics to see a quality score for your traffic.

The quality score is calculated from the countries of origin and the tier they belong to.

Try the Free Flipmsg Online URL Shortener here

You can also edit the back name of the short link and create a custom name for your link.

Click on the ‘edit link’ button, and enter a new name for your link, if the name is available the link name will be changed according to what you have typed.

How flexible are the Custom Names in Flipmsg url shortener?

The custom names in flipmsg url shortener are more flexible than other similar services.

You can include special characters in your links like:








( ) 




How to use the url shortener built-in analytics?

First you need to create a short link as mentioned in the first step, next you need to take your short link and click on the ‘view stats’ button.

Then just enter your short link and click on ‘get stats’.

Now you will see detailed analytics for your short link.

Try the Free Flipmsg Online URL Shortener here


What does the analytics mean?

You can see how many clicks you are getting from email or direct traffic, you can also see who the referring domains that are sending you traffic.

On the right side you can see how many clicks you received from different countries.

On the bottom you can see what percentage of the traffic is from different country tiers. Like tier1-english, tier1-non-english, tier2 and tier 3 countries.

Tier-1 english are countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New zealand.

Tier-1 non-english are countries like Austria, Belgium,Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland etc…

This is only a partial list of the countries.

The quality score is calculated from the percentage of clicks that are coming from different tiers of traffic.

In the future we will include bot filtering inside the url shortener, and it will also be taken into consideration when calculating the traffic quality score.

On the bottom you can also see a graph that shows the daily clicks you receive to your short link.

Try the Free Flipmsg Online URL Shortener here

What is coming next with the Flipmsg free online URL shortener?

We are going to upgrade the url shortener from flipmsg with a lot of new features very soon, including:

The ability to get page/channels subscribers and followers from all of the visitors you send through your short links.

This will allow you to grow your brand page/channel follower/subscriber count without a lot of efforts, it means that you will be able to send traffic via short links to any destination on the web, whether it’s your own website or website of others, and the visitors will have a call to action to follow or subscribe to your channel/page.

Another ability that will be added to the shortener is the ability to collect emails, whether it’s inside the platform itself without any external service, or with an external form like an aweber email signup form that you will be able to embed inside a modal (pop-up).

So you will be able to build an email list on the fly with the flipmsg URL shortener.

Another feature is ‘poll links’, these will give you the ability to ask questions and redirect traffic depending on the answer the users choose.

We will also have a redirection by device option, or by country, so you will be able to redirect traffic according to the device the users are using, or by the country they originate from.

We will add the ability to filter bot clicks with an advanced filter, this filter will be very advanced and will have the ability to detect precisely if the user is a bot or a real visitor, it will be optional for you to choose if you want to activate this filter.

In addition this bot filtering option will also affect the quality score of the traffic.

Flipmsg short links will work together with other assets inside flipmsg, and it will allow you to track shares on the link and see how much viral traffic you received from the shares of your link.

Another important feature that will be added to the flipmsg free online url shortener is the conversion pixel, you will be able to track where visitors go to, on what they click, and what is the conversion rate on signup pages or sales pages in your funnel.

As you can see a lot of good stuff is coming soon, so stay tuned!.

Try the Free Flipmsg Online URL Shortener here

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