How To Use URL Shortener Effectively? (Tips & Tricks 2021)

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If you want to learn tips and tricks for using a URL shortener, continue reading

You can shorten URLs to make them easier to share by using the Flipmsg URL Shortener

Create a short URL:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter or paste your long URL into the input box
  3. Click on ‘make it short’
  4. Edit you custom name by clicking ‘change name’
  5. Manage all your short links from the members area.

We will cover the basics first:

  1. How to create a short link in 3 simple steps
  2. How to edit the link custom name (slug)
  3. How to view analytics
  4. How to get a quality score for your traffic
  5. How to manage many links in one place
  6. How to delete your links

And then we will cover some tips and tricks:

  1. How to use quality score for buying , selling and exchanges of traffic
  2. How to use the shortener for tracking affiliate link clicks
  3. How to use the shortener to build an online business
  4. How to create polls and segment your traffic based on users answers

How to create a short link in 3 simple steps

Step 1 - go to the

This will take you to the Flipmsg URL shortener.

Step 2 - Paste your long URL or any other type of URL into the input box.

Step 3 - click ‘make it short’

Congratulations! you have created your first short link.

How to edit the link custom name (slug)

Immediately after you have created your link, you have the option to change it’s custom name (slug).

With Flipmsg you can enter special characters to the link name, this gives you more flexibility in what you can do.

For example you can create something like this:


You can separate words with hyphens (‘-’).

And you can enter special characters like ‘!’ , or ‘$’ to entice more clicks on your link.

To change your link name, after you have created your link, just click on edit name. And enter your new name.

If the name is available, you are set.

Flipmsg is the only shortener that allows you to enter any special character inside the link custom name (slug)

And the only shortener that allows you to change your link name unlimited amount of times

How to view analytics

Ok, so you have a link, and you drive some traffic (clicks) through this link, but what about viewing some stats.

In order to do so you need to go again to The #1 (FREE) Alternative to and TinyURL

And click on the ‘view stats’ button at the top right corner.

Enter your short link into the input box. And click on ‘get stats’

Now you can see detailed analytics about your link.

Things you can see:

  1. Referring domains
  2. Email and Direct traffic
  3. How many clicks you have been received from each country
  4. Your traffic quality score
  5. Segmentation to country tiers (in percentage)
  6. The geolocation of your visitors on map chart
  7. History graph that shows how many clicks you have received in the last 30 days
  8. How many affiliate cookies you have dropped on your link visitors.

How to get a quality score for your traffic

When you view stats for your short link you can see segmentation to traffic tiers in percentages.

In addition you get a quality score for your traffic.

The quality score is automatically calculated from the percentages of the visitors you get from different country tiers.

In the future we will take into consideration mobile ,desktop and tablet traffic (devices) and bot clicks, in the traffic score calculation.

How to manage many links in one place

In order to manage many links in one place, you must open a free flipmsg account,

It’s fast, and you can do it with one click on the google login button.

After you have opened an account you can manage all your links from the ‘my short links” section.

Here you can view all your links, change their name, delete links, and view stats for each one of them.

How to delete your links

In order to delete your links , you need to be able to manage them from the members area, to be able to do this you must have a flipmsg account, as mentioned earlier.

With flipmsg you can delete your links at any time with all their data, no problems, we don’t own your data, you are the owner of your links and data.

Lets move to some tips and tricks on how to use the URL shortener more effectively 

How to use quality score for buying , selling and exchanges of traffic

With quality score and segmentation to traffic tiers, you can know exactly what is the quality of your traffic.

Whether you buy, sell or exchange traffic.

Buying Traffic:

If you are buying traffic from a seller or a platform, you can use a short link on your ad, in order to track your clicks, then you will receive a quality score for the traffic you have purchased.

You will be able to assess the traffic immediately, if there is a problem with the traffic quality you can contact your seller or platform and ask for a refund.

It’s accurate and much easier and faster than using google analytics.

Selling Traffic:

If you are selling traffic, you can take screenshots of the quality of your traffic , to show as proof for future buyers, this will help you establish more trust with them.

Which eventually will lead to more sales.

You can even show these screenshots on your website/blog.

Traffic Exchanges:

If you are participating in traffic exchanges of any form, like email ad swaps, click banking, funnel clicks and others.

You and your partner can use the shortener in order to track each other clicks, and to match each other clicks quantity and quality.

You can also show the quality of your traffic, or your partner traffic in a screenshot as proof in exchange website reviews.

How to use the shortener to track affiliate link clicks

Let's say that you have a blog, and you want to monetize it with affiliate links, how would you track clicks on your affiliate links?

Well you can use a wordpress plugin, but their functionality is limited , in addition they can slow your blog and open it to security threats.

What if you want to see how many clicks you received from each country, segmentation of your traffic to tiers, and a quality score, for each affiliate link.

Without slowing down your wordpress site.

What about viewing the click history of the last 30 days or more on a graph. 

And what if you want to see the geolocation of your visitors on a map chart.

You can’t do this with a wordpress plugin.

Flipmsg URL shortener will help you to track affiliate link clicks on your blog and get stats about the quality of your traffic.

How to use the URL shortener to build an online business

The Flipmsg shortener is the only tool that allows you to drop affiliate cookies on your link visitors, each cookie is active for 60 days.

How does it work?

  1. You create a regular short link or a poll link
  2. You drive traffic through the link
  3. You drop affiliate cookies on the visitors
  4. Affiliate cookies are active for 60 days
  5. Users sign up on Flipmsg during this time period
  6. Each user who signed up automatically joins your affiliate business as a new referral.
  7. You earn lifetime affiliate commissions from your referrals , up to 30%
  8. From account upgrades (Business account), coins and ad credits

The more referrals you have in your affiliate business, the more potential you have each month to earn from affiliate commissions.


You earn when each of your referrals purchase coins for content creators, ad credits, or upgrade to a business account.

How to create polls and segment your traffic based on user answers

With poll links, you can create simple polls, which allow you to ask a question and give some answers for the users to choose from.

Another thing you can do is to use a call to action instead of a question as the title, with some options for selection.

For example:

Select gender:

  1. Male
  2. Female

Poll links generates a short link just like the regular shortener.

You can edit the custom name of the poll link. Manage and delete your polls from the members area under ‘my polls’.

The cool thing is that you can redirect users based on their answers or option selection.

How is this helpful?

If you have an audience you can send them to different landing pages and offers based on their interests.

You can also segment your traffic based on demographics, like gender, location, education, age groups, level of income, etc.

You can send different users to different optin pages, different affiliate offers and different sales funnels.

It can work well with CPA offers as well, where you can redirect users to the right offer based on the country or the interest of the user.

You can also use this to filter users from low tier countries from entering your email list.

It can also help you to learn more about your audience, survey them, learn what they like or dislike and get feedback.

You can see in the poll stats:

  1. Who participated and who exited the poll
  2. How many users selected each answer or option

Final thoughts

You can use the regular shortener or poll links to build an online business, or a targeted email list, track affiliate link clicks and measure the quality of your traffic.

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