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How To Earn Money Online With ZAGL Links ($1500+ Monthly)

The Next Best Thing After Twitter

So you want to make money online? It’s possible, there are some services like zagl that allow you to earn from the clicks you send through your short links.

How do you make money with the Zagal URL shortener?

The zagl URL shortener is a new service, which allows you to earn from sending clicks through your short links. 

zagl is not the only service that allows you to earn from clicks, there are many more services like that.

You earn for every qualified click that you send through your short links, the payout rates are different from country to country.

In this post we will talk about how to use the zagl url shortener, what is the potential to earn from it, tips and tricks to increase your earnings, and what alternatives you have.

The zagl URL shortener is comparatively new to the game, there are dozens of services that allow you to earn from clicks that you send through your short links.

And a lot of them allow you to earn more than zagl for every 1,000 clicks that you send.

How does it work?

  1. You open an account at the zagl website
  2. You create a short link from a long or a regular URL.

Very easy process, just like any other URL shortener.

  1. You share this link anywhere you can
  2. And you earn for each qualified click that you send. (about $16 for every 1,000 clicks)
  3. You get paid via paypal, bitcoin , payza, skrill, or bank transfer.

Is there any proof of payment?

Yes, look at this screenshot taken from the zagl website, you can see users are getting paid via paypal or bitcoin.

But you also see, the earnings are pretty small.

What are the Zagl payout rates?

In general you earn about $0.016 for each qualified click that you send, it’s about $160 for 10,000 clicks.

You earn less than 2 cents per click on average. But it’s very similar to other services, this is the normal payout rate for most services of this type.

Earnings can vary, it depends whether it’s mobile or desktop traffic. And from which country the traffic originated.

What is a qualified click?

Not all clicks are counted as valid , each click qualifies only if it meets the following criteria:

  1. The click must be a unique visitor in the last 24 hours.

 if the same visitor clicks on the link more than one time in a 24 hour period it will be counted as 1 click only.

  1. The visitor must have cookies enabled
  2. The visitor must have javascript enabled
  3. The user must view the ad for at least 5 seconds

Each click can generate more than 1 view, views are impressions on ads, and each click (unique user) can see more than 1 ad.

What are the payout methods for zagl?

Zagl can pay you in many different ways:

  1. Paypal
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Skrill
  4. Payza
  5. Bank transfer
  6. Web money

The most popular payment options are paypal, bitcoin and bank transfer.

You must have a minimum of $2 in your balance in order to request payment.

Zagl has daily and monthly payments.

Is there a trick to earn more from Zagl and other similar services?

Yes, there are several tricks you can use to earn more from zagl and similar services:

  1. Focus on referring users under you instead of sending clicks through your short links, this way you can earn 50% lifetime commissions on their earnings.
  2. Use the short links in your youtube channel video description and pinned comment
  3. Use Creative Commons videos on youtube and put links there
  4. Use a Flipmsg channel as a destination for your short links
  5. Use other people content and tools and promote them in groups
  6. Share the links on Facebook and Whatsapp groups
  7. Use pinterest pins to generate traffic through your short links.

Let's expand on each of these.

Earn From Referrals

The best way to earn from these types of services is not by creating short links and driving traffic through them, it will be extremely hard to make $1000 per month.

You will need to drive about 70,000 clicks each month in order to earn $1000.

These services pay very little (about $0.016) per click, you will need about 100 clicks just to earn $2.

1,000 clicks for $20 , and 10,000 clicks for $160-$200 per month.

As you can see it’s not very realistic.

You should focus on referring users under you instead.

For example:

If you refer 100 people under you, and their total earnings are $1000 per month, each user has earned $10.

You will earn 50% commission (with zagl), which means you earn $500 per month passively.

You haven't sent even 1 click, and you only have 100 referrals.

Each referral earned only $10.

And you still make $500 per month.

The table above shows how much you can earn with different referral numbers.

If you want ideas on how you can send traffic through your referral link in order to refer others under you , or ways to drive traffic through your short links in order to earn directly from clicks, read on.

Use Blogging

One of the best ways to refer people under you is to blog, you can create a blog on the subject of making money online, or something similar, and recommend zagl with your referral link.

In no time you will gain many users under you, and you can earn passive income from their earnings..

Use PPC (Pay Per Click Ads)

User google ads or facebook ads, to refer users to an article in your blog, and use large call to action buttons so they can act.

This way you can refer many users fast through your referrals links and generate passive income.

You can target cheap demographics on facebook, or cheap keywords on google ads.

You can also use taboola or outbrain for cheap clicks.

Use Creative Commons videos on Youtube

You can use your own videos on youtube, but what if you don’t have any videos? You can use other people’s videos, these are called creative common videos.

How to find creative commons youtube videos?

  1. Go to youtube
  2. Do a search , for example for ‘kittens’
  3. Click on the filter icon on the top
  4. And select the creative commons option

This will filter all videos and show you only creative commons videos. You have the permission to use these videos.

You do have some risk with that, if the owners of the videos see that you use it to make money from links, they can report you, so it’s not perfect.

But, you can do something else…

You can create a Flipmsg Channel on the subject you are going to promote, take the link of the channel, and shorten it with zagl or any other service.

How to use Flipmsg Channels with Zagl?

Create a new Flipmsg channel, then take the channel URL and shorten it with zagl or any other service.

Now you can plug it into youtube, you can use a pinned comment on youtube or you can insert the link into the description of the video.

As mentioned earlier you can use other people’s videos (creative commons)

You can send users from Youtube to your Flipmsg Channel. , and the reason is legitimate, you want to build your following on the channel.

This way users will see ads while they click the short links, and in addition you build your following online.

Be cautious with other people’s videos, youtube can ban your channel. 

What about pinterest traffic?

There are more ways you can use these short links, for example, you can use pinterest.

With pinterest all you need to do is to create pins, about any subject you want.

You can create 10-30 pins each day, and in one month you will have between 300-900 pins.

If you create engaging pins you can get traffic from pinterest directly through your short links.

Thousands of visitors per month is possible with pinterest.

What happens if you send thousands of visitors through your referral link? How many referrals will you have?

You can see the potential.

You can use canva to create pins for pinterest easily.

What are the alternatives to Zagl URL Shortener?

There are many alternatives to zagl, but one thing zagl is better than almost any other service is the referral program , which offers you 50% lifetime commissions on all the referrals under you.

Most services only offer 10%-20%, some of them don’t even have a referral program.

But, when it comes to payout rates, there are services that pay more than zagl, for example , pay you $15 for 1,000 clicks, and that's for mobile traffic!

It’s $0.015 cents for each click you send from mobile.

Another option is linkvertise  which can pay you up to $70 per 1,000 clicks for german visitors.


There are many URL shorteners out there that allow you to earn from the clicks that you send through a short link.

Zagl doesn’t have the best payout rate per click, but it has one of the best referral programs, which gives you 50% lifetime commission on all of your referral earnings.

The best way to earn is not by driving traffic though your short links, instead you should focus on referring people under you, so you can generate passive income every month

Take into the consideration that many of these services are not the most reliable long-term, they come and go.

Many services that were popular in the past have now vanished, and they no longer exist, this means that all the referrals and earnings users accumulated in their accounts are gone.

Some of the services completely changed the way they work, and again it leads to loss of referrals and earnings.

It is possible to earn with URL shorteners, but it’s probably not the best solution, if you want to  make money online the best option by far is to build long term assets that can pay you for years to come.

Don’t forget to share this post on your pinterest board so others can see it (1000x1500)

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