What To Do If Your Facebook Account Is Banned? (in 2021)

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In this article, we will show you how to recover your Facebook account.

We will show you 2 methods, the first method is considered the best method to solve this issue.

If you are desperate you will have another alternative option.

Continue reading, and you will know the steps you need to take in order to solve this problem.

This is the screen and message you will see if your account is temporarily disabled. If it’s a permanent ban you will see a different screen.

If this is what you see, we have good news for you… it’s possible to recover your account.

Facebook usually disable accounts for the following reasons:

  1. You have used a fake name (not your real name) in your profile, it’s against the Facebook rules.
  2. You have used special characters or stylish fonts in your profile name, again, this is against the terms of service.
  3. You have posted content that is in violation to the Facebook Community Standards, this is a broad topic and you need to take your time and read these guidelines and be familiar with them in order to prevent such incidents from happening in the future again.
  4. You have uploaded inappropriate photos or videos
  5. You have spammed groups
  6. You are Impersonating an identity
  7. Other users have reported your account as fake or inappropriate

Check out all the Facebook policies

Usually users get banned with no prior warning, suddenly they are getting an email from facebook telling them they got banned from the platform.

Please note that facebook does not owe you an account, there is no law that forces facebook to allow you to open an account with them.

So if you don’t follow their rules, they will ban you, and in some cases you will not be able to recover your account, in this case all of your assets will be unavailable and your account will not be accessible to anyone.

Steps to recover your banned facebook account (best solution):

  1. Fill the form in this link: My Personal Account Was Disabled
  2. You will need the email address that is associated with the account or the mobile phone number. So Facebook can identify you and your account.
  3. Enter your Full name
  4. You will need to upload an Identification Document (an image of ID of some sort)
  5. Additionally, you can add information in the text box , where you can describe the problem in more detail.

Here is a list of of the documents Facebook supports:

  1. ID Card
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. RP (Residence Permit)
  4. Green Card
  5. Personal Insurance Card
  6. Marriage Certificate
  7. Credit Card
  8. Utility Bill
  9. Library Card
  10. Bus Card
  11. School ID
  12. Work ID
  13. Official name change paperwork
  14. Voter ID card
  15. Nondriver government ID (SNAP or national ID card, disability card)

Some other examples are listed here – What types of ID does FB accepts?


This is how the form page that you need to fill out looks like on Facebook.

Prepare for delays

Facebook is not very responsive, it can take a lot of time until they respond to your request, up to a week, for you to get the first response.

Submit the form only once, and wait a few days, check your email daily for emails from Facebook regarding your issue.

They will try to contact you via mail.

Another thing you can do is simply try to login to your Facebook account daily, check if it is still disabled.

For them to reactivate your account can take about 1-2 weeks, but usually it takes about 8 days.


Alternative Method (send them an email)

Send an Email to and ask the reason for your account suspension. 

If you have breached the statement of rights on Facebook, express that you are willing to remove any unreliable content that may damage Facebook reputation.

The Difference between Facebook banned account (disabled account), temporarily locked account and Permanent banned Account.

There is a difference between disabled account (banned account) , locked account and permanent banned account.

Facebook Locked Account

Locked account is when Facebook locks your account for security reasons. Maybe they think your account is being compromised or being hacked.

In this situation your account is visible to others and you can still login, but you will need to answer a security question, a 2FA (2 factor authentication), or complete a photo-identification process.

Facebook Banned (Disabled) Account

Facebook banned account (disabled account) is then you breach Facebook terms of service, and there are many, or when other users flag your account. 

Maybe they think your account is fake, or maybe you impersonate another person or identity.

It can also be because you spam Facebook groups or the content that you are posting is against the Facebook community standards.

In this case your Facebook account is disabled temporarily , but it will not get reopened automatically without you taking steps to recover it.

You must take action in order for facebook to review your account and reactivate it

Facebook Permanent Banned Account

This is what you will usually see when your account is permanently disabled.

When you see the message where it says “Account disabled”, this is a temporary ban.

Where you see the option to download your personal information, usually this is a permanent ban.

Your account is not visible to other users or friends. 

Also all of the pages, groups and apps that you own are also disabled.

In this case your account cannot be reactivated , you will never get your account back with all of its assets (pages, groups, friends, and other data).

In this case there is nothing you can do, and no method will help.


All the methods above are valid only for temporarily banned accounts. Where you get a message about ‘Account Disabled”. 

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