10+ Best Sexiest And Dirtiest Facebook Groups (In 2021)

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We have compiled for you the best private sexy groups on Facebook

you will also learn how you can find these groups by yourself with a simple search.

Simple Steps to find dirty/sexy private facebook groups:

  1. Go to
  2. In the search bar type ‘secret passions’
  3. Click on the ‘Groups’ tab
  4. You will get a list of secret private adult groups on facebook
  5. Another keywords you can use are ‘dirty’ , ‘adult’ ,’nasty’ ,’naughty’, ‘secret’.
  6. Another way is to just use google, type in google ‘sex/nude facebook groups’

This video talks about the subject and shows you one of the biggest sexy and dirty Facebook groups , ‘Secret Passions’, with over 13,000 members.

Here is a Compiled List of Facebook Secret Dirty Sex Groups

Most if not all of the groups are private

Secret Passions Facebook Group (Private Group)

18,000+ members

Probably the biggest and the most active dirtiest group.

Tens of posts each day, and hundreds of posts each month.

You can post pictures and videos of yourself and view other users pictures and videos.

Nasty..and naughty.. Facebook Group (Private Group)

15,300 members

This is a large facebook group with more than 15,000 members, very active, hundreds of posts each month as for the time of writing this post (july 2020)

Secret desires Facebook Group (Private Group)

618 Members

This is a private group for people who want to have fun and have an open mind, it’s for people who want to find sex partners, you can post anything on this group, and you can also find partners here.

This group is very active with hundreds of posts each month. As for the time of writing this post (july 2020).

Secret Desires Facebook Group (Private Group)

3,000 members

Decent size group with more than 3,000 members.

This group is for 18 years and older, pretty active groups, just like other similar groups.

it will help you find sex partners on facebook.

Meet new people from around the world, post sexy posts with videos and images, and most importantly have fun with others.

Nude Facebook Group (Private Group)

6,300 members

A new facebook group, it was created on 20 of february 2020

It already has 6,300 members.

It will allow you to post nude pictures and view nude pictures and videos of others.

Nude and Naked World Facebook Group (Private Group)

564 members

This group is giving you the ability to view nude and naked posts from other members, and post your own pictures and videos.

Sex Facebook Group (Public Group)

4,100 members

Unlike other groups, this group is public so you can join it immediately, everyone can post videos and images related to sex.

This is a very active group, it gets tens of posts each hour.

Secret Desires Facebook Group (Private Group)

490 members

Very small group but very active, this group creates posts at the rate of a big group with 18,000+ members, highly recommended…

This group was created by Ann Summers, there are many girls in this group that take part in different games and raffles.

Secret Desires Facebook Group (Private Group)

475 members

This group is for 18+ olds, it’s for games, memes etc..

Secret Passions Facebook Group (Private Group)

471 members

Another private Facebook group for finding sex partners. This group it seems is not very active.

Final Thoughts

In this post we have compiled a list of groups you can try and join.

But don’t forget to perform a search by yourself using the instructions given at the beginning of this post.

The instructions show you how to find these kinds of groups on facebook easily with a simple search.

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