How To Buy & Sell Facebook Pages And Accounts (10+ Places)

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Want to buy or sell Facebook pages and accounts?

This post will show you where you can buy or sell them and whether it’s worth it or not.

In this post we will discuss if you are allowed to sell a Facebook page or account.

 And where can you buy or sell social media assets?

Topics Covered:

  1. Places to Sell your Facebook Page
  2. Places to Buy a Facebook Page
  3. What is the typical pricing structure for buying and selling a Facebook Page?
  4. What are the dangers in buying or selling a Facebook page or a Facebook Account?
  5. Damage to the Brand and Unengaged Audience

Best Places to Buy or Sell Facebook Pages

This is a list of places your can sell your Facebook page

  1. Fameswap - Fameswap: Buy and Sell Instagram Accounts, Youtube Channels & TikTok Accounts
  2. FanPagesMarket - sell pages of all sizes
  3. Forums - places like, and also black hat forums like blackhatworld
  4. Viral Accounts - if you page is big enough (100k followers) Are you ready to sell your social property?
  5. FanPageCash - if your page is big enough (100k followers) Sell your fanpage –
  6. Marketplaces - like,
  7. Niche Related Facebook Groups - find facebook groups in your niche, post some posts, or contact with some group members.
  8. Buy & Sell groups on Facebook - for example this group with 50k members or this group with 130k members.

To find these groups type ‘buy sell’ in facebook search bar and select the groups tab

Places to Buy a Facebook Page

This is a list of places where you can buy facebook fan pages

  1. FanPagesMarket - variety of pages of all sizes, ranges from $100 to $10,000’s
  2. Fameswap - Fameswap: Buy and Sell Instagram Accounts, Youtube Channels & TikTok Accounts
  3. Contact the page owner on Facebook and ask him if he sells his page.
  4. Google ‘buy facebook fan pages’ and you will find variety of results

What is the typical pricing structure for buying and selling a Facebook Page?

The price depends on how many followers there are on the page and the level of engagement, the more engagement the more you pay or earn per follower.

Usually you will pay around $0.5 per follower for a page with good engagement, so a page with 1,000 followers and good engagement will be sold for $500.

If the page has low engagement the price per follower can be as low as $0.10 per follower, which means a 1,000 followers page with low engagement will be sold for $100.

A 30,000 followers page with good engagement can be sold for $15,000!

What is engagement?

Engagement is the responsiveness of the audience to each post that the page publishes, responsiveness is measured by likes, shares and comments.

What are the dangers in buying or selling a Facebook page or a Facebook Account?

If you are intending to buy a Facebook Page, it is usually because you want to take shortcuts, you don’t want to take the time, effort and money to build your own following, but is it worth it?

As you can see in this chart the Organic Reach for Facebook Pages is at all times low.

It’s just don’t worth the risk or the money to purchase a Facebook fan page since 2015.

If you are planning to sell a Facebook Page you need to measure the risks that are associated with this move.

According to the Facebook terms of service you are not allowed to sell your Facebook page without their written permission. 

In other words, you aren’t allowed to sell your page, the odds of Facebook answering your request and giving you a written permission is basically zero.

They will probably won’t even answer you.

According to the Facebook terms of service, they can ban each of the accounts that participate in the transaction, which means the seller and the buyer can find their personal account banned.

They can also delete the page

Which means that if you are buying a Facebook page you can get your page deleted immediately or shortly after you have control of the page.

Fake Followers

So you can spend money on a page with about 3% organic reach on average, and this is if the followers are real.

If the page followers are fake, you will get 0.5-1% engagement or maybe 0% engagement.

You must ask for proof from the page owner about the engagement rate of the posts, he must reveal to you the internal analytics of the page.

How can you ensure that the owner didn’t purchase fake followers, just to sell the page and make a profit?

There are some crooks out there that build a page and then purchase fake followers, blow it up to 30,000 followers and then sell it, and this is their business model… don’t fall for this scam!

Damage to the Brand and Unengaged Audience

Selling your page is a ‘betrayal’ of your followers' trust, they followed you for a reason, especially if you are an influencer or a brand.

They will wonder what happened to you and why you are not giving them any updates anymore, instead there is a new owner that does not provide the same content and is not the brand owner.

You can also damage your brand image, whether it’s a personal brand, a company or a product/service, it’s probably not something you want to do if you care about your brand's future.

If you are buying a page, from a brand, influencer or a business the followers and reach that you will get are not relevant to your brand,  they are not your fans. 

Which means they will not see you with a good eye.

So you are purchasing an audience that doesn’t even want to hear from you.

It’s like purchasing an email list and sending emails without permission, this is called spam.

We don’t recommend that you  buy or sell a Facebook page, it isn't worth it.

Although we don’t recommend it, there are some success stories in the industry where companies purchased big fan pages and saw success.

Example of success story: 

In 2017 buzzfeed purchased many big fan pages , without any legal action taken by facebook, and they saw good results.


It is not recommended to buy pages, groups or accounts, in the best case scenario, you will get an irrelevant audience that doesn’t want to hear from you with low reach and engagement.

In the worst case scenario, you will get your Facebook account banned.

There are no shortcuts , you need to work hard in order to build a loyal following, and you can start right now by building a Flipmsg profile.

With Flipmsg profiles, you can build a following, send email notifications, post updates, blog, and monetize your followers with coins.

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