Allowed Content Policy

Easy to understand policy in plain english

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Things you are not allowed:

  1. Porn of any type, and sexually oriented materials are not allowed.
  2. Do not sell or promote anything that is illegal in your content.
  3. Do not use other people's content, including images, text or videos.
    you should use free stock images, all the text should be original.
  4. Duplicate content is not allowed.
  5. Do not link to dangerous websites.
  6. No illegal content.
  7. No linking to illegal content.
  8. No linking to Phishing sites.
  9. No Social Engineering.
  10. No illegal downloads.
  11. No fake news.
  12. No racism or hate.
  13. No derogatory behaviour.
  14. No bad launguage.
  15. No gambling.
  16. No drugs or weapons.
  17. No pyramid, ponzi, matrix or get rich quick schemes.

All content must be engaging,entertaining or newsworthy.
Failure to comply with this policy may lead to account suspension.