10 Best Facebook Groups for Lamp Lovers (Inside Look)

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1️⃣Lamp Lovers:


The Lamp Lovers group celebrates an intriguing blend of aesthetics: the FEMALE form alongside lamps.

Participants share pictures or videos where lamps are featured, either directly or nearby.

It’s a unique fusion of art, lighting, and appreciation for the human form.



The group boasts a community of over 4.6K members.

These members come together to explore the intersection of lamp design and visual artistry.



Privacy is respected within the group.

Only members have access to see who’s part of the community and what they post.

This creates a safe space for sharing and creative expression.



The group maintains a positive atmosphere through clear guidelines:

Be Kind: Encourage respectful interactions. Kindness matters.

No Hate Speech: Offensive language or discriminatory behavior is not tolerated.

No Promotions: The focus is on lamp-related content, not self-promotion.

Respect Privacy: Honor each member’s privacy and boundaries.

Age Requirement: Participants must be 18 years or older to join.


In summary, Lamp Lovers is a niche community where lamps and artistic expressions intersect, all while maintaining a supportive and respectful environment.

If you’re passionate about lamps and appreciate the beauty of both light and form, this group might be the perfect fit! 🌟

Rules: Be kind, no hate speech, no promotions, respect privacy, and participants must be 18 years or older.

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2️⃣Lamp Lovers New Public Group:

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This group encourages members to share photos of themselves alongside their beloved lamps.

Whether you’re posing with an antique lamp, a quirky bedside lamp, or a modern designer piece, this group celebrates the fusion of human presence and illuminating art.

Lamps Optional:

While the focus is on lamps, participants have the creative freedom to decide whether they want to include themselves in the photos.

Community Vibe:

Expect a mix of lamp aesthetics, personal expressions, and perhaps a touch of whimsy.


3️⃣Lamp Lovers Official:

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Description: With over 99,000 likes, this community is a hub for lamp aficionados.

Whether you adore vintage lamps, minimalist designs, or extravagant chandeliers, you’ll find kindred spirits here.



The group celebrates lamps in all shapes and sizes.

From delicate table lamps to grand floor lamps, every luminary has a place.


Share and Learn:

Engage in discussions, share your lamp discoveries, and learn from fellow enthusiasts.


4️⃣Lamp Enthusiasts Worldwide

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Connect with fellow lamp enthusiasts from around the globe.

Share your favorite lamp designs, restoration projects, and lighting tips.

Global Connection: This group transcends borders. Connect with lamp lovers from different corners of the world.

Favorite Designs: Share your go-to lamp designs—the ones that evoke joy, nostalgia, or admiration.

Restoration Projects: If you’re into restoring vintage lamps, swap restoration tips and success stories.

Lighting Tips: From ambient lighting to task lighting, exchange practical advice on creating the perfect ambiance.


5️⃣Vintage Lamp Collectors

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For those who appreciate the charm of vintage lamps.

Discuss antique finds, restoration techniques, and historical lamp trivia.

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Description: This group is a haven for those who appreciate the timeless allure of vintage lamps. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious newcomer, here’s where you’ll find kindred spirits.

Antique Finds: Share your discoveries! Discuss rare finds, unique lamp designs from bygone eras, and the stories behind them.

Restoration Techniques: Swap tips on restoring vintage lamps. From rewiring to cleaning tarnished brass, this group celebrates the art of preservation.

Historical Lamp Trivia: Dive into lamp history! Learn about iconic lamp designers, famous lamp styles, and the cultural impact of vintage lighting.


6️⃣DIY Lamp Makeovers

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Get creative! Share your lamp makeover projects.

From repainting lamp bases to crafting unique lampshades, this group celebrates DIY lamp transformations.

Description: Calling all creative souls! In this group, lamps become your canvas. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a beginner, share your lamp makeover projects.

Repainting Lamp Bases: Transform dull lamp bases with fresh paint. Explore color palettes and techniques.

Unique Lampshades: Craft your own lampshades! From fabric choices to embellishments, let your imagination run wild.

Before-and-After Reveals: Show off your revamped lamps. Before-and-after photos inspire fellow members.


7️⃣Bright Ideas: Creative Lighting

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Not just about lamps—explore all things lighting!

Discuss innovative lighting solutions, design trends, and energy-efficient options.

Description: It’s not just about lamps—it’s about illuminating creativity! This group explores all facets of lighting.

Innovative Solutions: Discuss smart lighting, LED innovations, and futuristic concepts.

Design Trends: Stay updated on the latest lighting trends. From minimalist fixtures to grand chandeliers, share what’s catching your eye.

Energy Efficiency: Explore eco-friendly lighting options. How can we light up our spaces while minimizing our carbon footprint?


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8️⃣Lampshade Designers Guild

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Are you passionate about lampshades? This group is for you.

Share your handmade lampshade designs, fabric choices, and assembly techniques.


Description: If you’re passionate about lampshades, this group is your creative haven.

Whether you’re a designer, a DIY enthusiast, or simply fascinated by lampshade aesthetics, you’ll find kindred spirits here.


Share Your Handmade Designs: Showcase your unique lampshade creations.

From elegant fabric choices to intricate assembly techniques, this group celebrates craftsmanship.


Inspiration and Collaboration: Connect with fellow designers, exchange ideas, and draw inspiration from diverse lampshade styles.


9️⃣Lighting Swap & Sell

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Looking to buy, sell, or trade lamps and lighting fixtures?

Connect with fellow enthusiasts and find your next lamp treasure.


Description: Looking to buy, sell, or trade lamps and lighting fixtures? This group is your marketplace.

Connect with Enthusiasts: Whether you’re hunting for a vintage chandelier, a sleek floor lamp, or a quirky pendant light, fellow enthusiasts await.

Treasure Hunt: Discover hidden gems, negotiate deals, and find your next lamp treasure. It’s a community of lighting aficionados on the hunt!


🔟Lamp Enthusiasts Worldwide:

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Connect with fellow lamp enthusiasts from around the globe.

Share your favorite lamp designs, restoration projects, and lighting tips.

Explore different styles, from vintage lamps to modern fixtures.


Description: Ready for a journey through time? This group dives into the fascinating history of lamps and lighting.

Explore Vintage Advertisements: Unearth vintage ads that once illuminated homes and streets. From gas lamps to early electric bulbs, each ad tells a story.

Iconic Lamp Designs: Discuss the classics—the Tiffany lamps, the Art Deco fixtures, and the timeless silhouettes that shaped design history.

Stories Behind Famous Lamps: Ever wondered about the origins of the lava lamp or the Anglepoise? Here’s where lamp legends come to life.


Feel free to explore these groups, share your lamp-related experiences, and connect with fellow lamp lovers! 🪔