24 Best Facebook Groups for Teachers (Inside Look)

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7 Best Facebook Groups for Teachers

Facebook groups can be a fantastic resource for teachers to connect, share ideas, and find support.

Here are some engaging Facebook groups that educators might find valuable:


1️⃣Global Educator Collective

The Global Educator Collective is a global community of educators who come together to share their expertise and provide mutual support. Here’s what you need to know about this collective:

1.Mission and Purpose:

The Global Educator Collective aims to empower educators as effective leaders of learning within their unique contexts.

Their mission is to maintain a global platform for continuous educator development, inspiring authentic, purposeful learning and learner agency.


2.Group Overview:

The collective consists of educators from all over the world.

Members share best practices, pedagogy, resources, strategies, experiences, and perspectives.

It’s a safe environment where understanding is built through collaborative learning.


3.Group Formation:

The Global Educator Collective emerged during a crisis, and its current administrators and moderators stepped up during that time.

The group reflects the rapid changes and evolution happening globally.

They actively seek to diversify leadership and welcome volunteers from diverse backgrounds.


4.Group Rules:

Educator-to-Educator Sharing: The group focuses on sharing resources, strategies, instructional ideas, and engaging in philosophical learning discussions.

Respect Privacy: While sharing resources is encouraged, written posts, comments, and replies should remain within the group unless permission is given to share.

Politeness and Courtesy: Positive debates are welcome, but language should be courteous and respectful. Hate speech and bullying are not tolerated.

Embrace Perspectives: As a global group, members should ask questions and learn from diverse viewpoints.

Context and Introductions: When sharing resources, provide context, titles, and introductions to enhance understanding.

The Global Educator Collective serves as a valuable space for educators to connect, learn, and collaborate across borders.

2️⃣Teachers Ask Teachers

Teachers Ask Teachers is a delightful space where educators come together to ask questions, share answers, and even indulge in a touch of humor. Here’s what you’ll find in this vibrant community:

1.Question and Answer Exchange:

Educators can pose questions related to teaching, classroom management, lesson planning, or any other educational topic.

Fellow teachers respond with their insights, experiences, and practical solutions.

It’s like having a virtual staff room where everyone collaborates to find solutions.


2.Humor and Light-heartedness:

Amid the serious discussions, there’s room for a good laugh.

Teachers share funny anecdotes, teaching mishaps, and relatable moments.

It’s a reminder that even in the challenging world of education, laughter is essential.

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3.Community Support:

Teachers uplift each other by celebrating victories and empathizing during tough times.

Whether it’s a classroom win, a creative teaching idea, or a heartwarming story, this community celebrates it all.

So, if you’re an educator seeking camaraderie, advice, or just a chuckle, Teachers Ask Teachers is the place to be! 😄.


3️⃣Amazing Educational Resources

Amazing Educational Resources is a vibrant community where educators and parents collaborate to share fantastic internet resources they discover. Let’s delve into the details:

1.Purpose and Community:

  • Amazing Educational Resources serves as a hub for educators and parents.
  • Their mission is to curate and exchange high-quality educational materials, tools, and ideas.
  • It’s a place where creativity, innovation, and practical solutions intersect.

2.Resource Sharing:

  • Members actively contribute by sharing:
  • Online Learning Resources: These cover a wide range of subjects and age groups.
  • Printables: Ready-to-use worksheets and activities for home learning.
  • Digital Learning Solutions: Pre-loaded digital content for early learners.
  • STEM and Space Themed Resources: Engaging materials for science enthusiasts.
  • Daily Uploads: Regularly updated content, including video series for parents.

Collaboration and Support:

  • Educators and parents engage in discussions, ask questions, and provide feedback.
  • The community fosters collaboration, ensuring that everyone benefits from collective wisdom.
  • Whether it’s a lesson plan, a fun activity, or a resource recommendation, members actively participate.


3.Accessible and Inclusive:

  • Amazing Educational Resources welcomes diverse perspectives.
  • It’s a space where educators from different backgrounds come together to enhance teaching and learning.
  • The community thrives on openness, respect, and a shared passion for education.

So, if you’re seeking fresh ideas, valuable resources, or simply want to connect with fellow educators and parents, Amazing Educational Resources is the place to explore! 🌟


4️⃣Student-Centered World Mastermind:

The Student-Centered World Mastermind is a supportive community that emerged during the pandemic, providing camaraderie for teachers as they navigate the challenges of pandemic teaching. Here’s what you need to know about this remarkable group:


Origins and Purpose:

The Student-Centered World Mastermind was born out of necessity during the COVID-19 crisis.

Teachers faced unprecedented shifts in their teaching methods, remote learning, and adapting to new circumstances.

This mastermind group offers a safe space for educators to share experiences, seek advice, and find solace in a community of like-minded professionals.


Navigating the Ups and Downs:

The pandemic brought both highs and lows for educators. The mastermind acknowledges these fluctuations.

Teachers discuss strategies, innovative approaches, and emotional well-being.

It’s a place to vent frustrations, celebrate victories, and find encouragement during uncertain times.


Collaboration and Support:

Members actively engage in discussions, webinars, and virtual meet-ups.

They share practical tips, lesson plans, and creative solutions.

The collective wisdom of the group helps teachers adapt and thrive in ever-changing educational landscapes.


Inclusivity and Empathy:

The mastermind embraces diversity, recognizing that every teacher’s journey is unique.

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Whether it’s a seasoned educator or a novice, everyone contributes valuable insights.

Empathy and understanding flow freely, fostering a sense of unity.

So, if you’re a teacher seeking connection, inspiration, and a supportive network, the Student-Centered World Mastermind awaits you. 😊


5️⃣Teachers—sharing ideas and resources for the classroom

The Teachers—Sharing Ideas and Resources for the Classroom group is a dynamic online community where educators come together to collaborate, seek advice, and share their successes. Let’s dive deeper into what this group offers:

Collaboration and Idea Exchange:

Educators from diverse backgrounds actively participate in this group.

They share innovative teaching strategies, classroom activities, and creative lesson plans.

Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or a novice, this space encourages collaboration and idea exchange.


Resource Sharing:

Members contribute valuable resources, including:

Lesson Plans: Ready-to-use plans for various subjects and grade levels.

Teaching Tips: Practical advice on classroom management, student engagement, and assessment.

Creative Activities: Fun and educational activities that enhance learning experiences.

Digital Tools: Recommendations for online tools and platforms.


Peer Support and Advice:

Teachers seek advice from fellow educators on challenges they face.

Whether it’s handling difficult behavior, adapting to remote learning, or designing inclusive lessons, the group provides a supportive environment.

The collective wisdom helps teachers find effective solutions.


Celebrating Successes:

Sharing your own successes not only benefits others but also builds your reputation as a leader.

Instead of proclaiming expertise, let fellow teachers discover it through your contributions.

Celebrate victories, no matter how small—they inspire others!

Remember, teaching is both an art and a science, and this group celebrates the creativity, dedication, and resilience of educators.

6️⃣Teacher Moms



The Teacher Moms group is a supportive community where educators who are also moms come together to connect, share experiences, and find solace in the unique challenges of being both a teacher and a parent. Here’s what you’ll discover in this wonderful group:

Community of Teacher Moms:

  • Teacher Moms is a private Facebook group with over 23,900 members.
  • It’s a safe space where teacher moms can vent, discuss, and support each other.
  • Whether you’re juggling lesson plans or parenting dilemmas, this community understands your journey.


Challenges of Dual Roles:

  • Being a teacher and a mom simultaneously presents its own set of challenges.
  • While teachers get extended breaks from work (to avoid hurting other people’s kids), managing parenting responsibilities during those breaks can be demanding.
  • In this group, you’ll find empathy and camaraderie as you navigate these complexities.


Membership Criteria:

  • Membership is limited to educators who are also moms.
  • When requesting to join, you’ll receive three simple questions from moderators (Jen, Megan, or Melissa).
  • Spam and sales posts are not allowed; this space is about genuine connection.


Group Guidelines:

  • Be kind, respectful, and courteous. Healthy debates are welcome, but kindness is essential.
  • Answer the membership questions to gain approval.
  • No self-promotion or irrelevant links—focus on sharing resources and humor.
  • Respect privacy; what’s shared within the group stays within the group.
  • Celebrate victories and share survival strategies!
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So, if you’re a teacher navigating the beautiful chaos of both the classroom and parenthood, Teacher Moms awaits you👩‍🏫



7️⃣Facebook for Education Group

The Facebook for Education Group is a global gathering of educators who come together to offer advice, share inspiration, and collaborate on educational matters. Let’s explore this vibrant community:

Meta for Education Group:


Resource Sharing and Collaboration:

  • Members actively engage in discussions, webinars, and virtual meet-ups.
  • They share valuable resources, teaching strategies, and best practices.
  • Whether you’re seeking advice on classroom management, technology integration, or student engagement, this group has you covered.


Inspiration and Support:

  • The Facebook for Education Group fosters a sense of camaraderie.
  • Educators celebrate each other’s successes, empathize during challenges, and find encouragement.
  • It’s a space where inspiration flows freely, and teachers lift each other up.


Inclusive and Global:

Teachers from diverse backgrounds participate, enriching discussions with their unique perspectives.

Whether you’re a seasoned educator or just starting your teaching journey, you’ll find a supportive community here.

So, if you’re looking for a place to connect, learn, and collaborate with fellow educators worldwide, the Facebook for Education Group awaits you 🌎


17 More Groups for Teachers to Explore:

You can search each of them on Facebook

  1. #TeacherProblems: A shared space for teachers to laugh and let off steam.
  2. Teachers Using Google Classroom: Showcase your Google Classroom expertise and learn from other teachers.
  3. Teachers Using Google Suite for Education: Exchange best practices specific to GSuite technology.
  4. Teachers Using Canvas: Dive deeper into the Canvas Learning Management System.
  5. Bitmoji Craze for Educators: Collaborate with teachers using Bitmoji to personalize virtual learning spaces.
  6. Seesaw Teachers: Dedicated to teachers using Seesaw, with links to grade-specific groups.
  7. Virtual and Augmented Reality for Education: A place to find resources and share ideas for using VR in the classroom.
  8. Simply Kinder: A group for pre-K to first-grade teachers.
  9. Primary Teachers: Share resources or vent—it’s an excellent place for both.
  10. Elementary Teachers Support Group: Perfect for teachers seeking encouragement.
  11. Upper Elementary Educators: Ask questions and offer advice.
  12. Middle School Teachers Rock!: A group of middle school teachers navigating the craziness together.
  13. Special Education Teachers: A positive space for teachers and paraprofessionals.
  14. The Resource Room: Moderated by The Primary Gal blog, this group provides insight, resources, and inspiration.
  15. ELA in the Middle 6-8: For middle school ELA teachers to discuss classroom management, curriculum, and content.
  16. 2ndary ELA: Aimed at middle- and high-school ELA teachers, this group also hosts weekly Twitter chats.
  17. ELA Today: Swap ideas for creating engaging ELA lessons for teenage students.