How to Sell on the Facebook Marketplace (A Complete Guide)

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These videos are not enough, deep dive into selling on the Facebook Marketplace with the Complete guide below.


Selling items on Facebook Marketplace is a straightforward process. Whether you’re decluttering your home, starting a small business, or simply looking to make some extra cash, follow these steps to successfully sell your items:


1️⃣Facebook Marketplace Fees:

Listing Fees:

Listing an item for sale on Facebook Marketplace is free. You don’t need to pay any fees upfront when creating a listing.

Selling Fees:

The only time you’ll encounter fees is when you officially sell an item.

After you deliver the product and receive payment, Facebook takes a cut of the final payment.

The amount Facebook charges depends on the total payment received:

If the payment is $8 or less, Facebook charges a flat selling fee of $0.40.

If the payment is more than $8, Facebook takes 5% of the payment.

Note that these fees are per shipment, not per order. If a single order involves multiple shipments, Facebook will charge fees based on each individual shipment’s cost.

Shipping Fees:

When you use shipping as the fulfillment method, there are additional fees:

Shipments totaling more than $8 incur a 5% fee on the payment.

Shipments totaling $8 or less have a flat fee of $0.40.

Buyer Fees:

Buyers do not pay any fees when purchasing items on Facebook Marketplace.

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The fees apply only to sellers.

Remember to be transparent about any flaws or issues with your items, and follow safety guidelines for successful transactions on Facebook Marketplace! 🛒💰


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2️⃣Accepted Payment Methods

Cash Transactions:

Preferred Method: Accepting cash payments is straightforward and common.

In-Person Transactions: When meeting buyers face-to-face, cash is often the most convenient option.

Safety Note: Always count the money carefully before finalizing the deal.


Local Bank Transfers:

Some sellers accept bank transfers within the same country.

Buyers transfer the agreed-upon amount directly to the seller’s bank account.

Safety Note: Ensure you trust the buyer before accepting bank transfers.



PayPal is widely used for online transactions.

Sellers can provide their PayPal email address for payments.

Safety Note: Be cautious of potential chargebacks or disputes.


Venmo is popular for peer-to-peer payments.

Buyers can transfer funds directly to the seller’s Venmo account.

Safety Note: Verify the buyer’s identity and transaction details.


Facebook Pay:

Integrated within Facebook, this feature allows direct payments.

Buyers can pay using their linked credit/debit cards.

Safety Note: Facebook Pay provides some security features, but always exercise caution.


Other Digital Wallets:

Depending on your location, consider other digital wallets like Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Ensure both parties are comfortable with the chosen method.

Remember, it’s essential to communicate clearly with buyers about your preferred payment method and any associated fees.


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 3️⃣Set Up Your Facebook Profile:

Active Account: Ensure you have an active Facebook account. If you don’t, sign up for one.

Profile Picture and Cover Photo:

Profile Picture: Choose a clear and friendly photo of yourself. Avoid using generic images or cartoons.

Cover Photo: Select an image that reflects your interests or personality. It could be a scenic view, a hobby, or something related to what you plan to sell.

Trustworthiness: A complete and genuine profile with a real photo helps build trust with potential buyers or sellers.

Remember, a well-maintained Facebook profile can positively impact your interactions on Facebook Marketplace.


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4️⃣Access Facebook Marketplace:

Open the Facebook App or Visit the Website:

If you’re using a mobile device, open the Facebook app.

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If you’re on a computer, visit the Facebook website (

Click on the “Marketplace” Icon:

Look for the storefront icon in the navigation menu (usually located at the bottom of the app or on the left sidebar on the website).

Clicking on this icon will take you to the Facebook Marketplace.

5️⃣Create a Listing:

Click “Sell Something”:

Once you’re in the Marketplace, locate the “Sell Something” button (usually at the top or near the center of the screen).

Click on it to start creating your listing.

Add Clear Photos of Your Item:

Take high-quality photos that showcase your item from different angles.

Good lighting and a clutter-free background are essential.

Write a Descriptive Title and Detailed Description:

Craft a title that accurately represents your item.

In the description, provide relevant details:

Condition (new, used, or refurbished)

Dimensions (if applicable)

Any special features or selling points

Mention if the price is negotiable

Specify the Price:

Set a reasonable price for your item.

Be transparent about any additional costs (such as shipping fees).

Choose the Category:

Select the most relevant category for your item (e.g., Electronics, Clothing, Home & Garden).

Remember, a well-crafted listing with clear photos and accurate information will attract potential buyers.


6️⃣Decide on Delivery Options:

In-Person Transactions:

Ideal for Smaller Items:

In-person transactions work well for items that can be easily carried or transported.

Examples include clothing, accessories, small electronics, or household items.

Arrange a Safe Meeting Place:

Choose public areas for your meet-up.

Consider places like coffee shops, shopping centers, or local community centers.

Avoid secluded or unfamiliar locations.

Safety First:

Always prioritize your safety. If something feels off, trust your instincts and reconsider the meeting.


Specify Shipping Availability:

Indicate in your listing whether you’re willing to ship the item.

Be clear about whether shipping costs are included in the price or if they’re additional.

Shipping Costs and Methods:

If you offer shipping, provide details on shipping costs (if any).

Mention the shipping method (e.g., standard mail, express, courier) and estimated delivery time.

Clearly communicate any tracking information or delivery confirmation.

7️⃣Respond to Inquiries:


Be Quick to Respond:

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When potential buyers message you, aim to reply promptly.

Quick responses show that you’re engaged and serious about the transaction.

Courteous Communication:

Politeness Matters:

Use friendly and professional language.

Thank potential buyers for their interest.

Answer Questions:

Address any inquiries about the item’s condition, availability, or specifications.

Be honest and transparent in your responses.

Remember, clear communication and flexibility in delivery options contribute to successful transactions on Facebook Marketplace.


8️⃣Safety Tips:

Meet Safely:

Choose Well-Lit Public Places:

Opt for public areas for your transactions.

Coffee shops, shopping centers, or community centers are good options.

Avoid secluded or unfamiliar locations.

Bring a Friend:

If possible, bring a friend or family member along for added safety.

Cash Transactions:

Accept Cash Payments Whenever Possible:

Cash transactions are straightforward and minimize risks.

Count the money carefully before finalizing the deal.

Verify Profiles:

Check the Buyer’s Profile for Legitimacy:

Look for established profiles with friends and mutual connections.

Be cautious if dealing with suspicious or newly created accounts.

Trust Your Instincts:

Listen to Your Gut Feeling:

If something feels off during communication or the transaction, reconsider.

Prioritize your safety over any potential sale.

9️⃣Effective Listing Management:

Mark Items as Sold:

Keep Your Listings Updated:

Once an item is sold, mark it as sold in your listing.

This helps potential buyers know what’s still available.

Delete Old Listings:

Tidy Up Your Profile:

Regularly review and delete old or expired listings.

A clutter-free profile makes it easier for buyers to find your active listings.

Remember, safety and organization are key to successful selling on Facebook Marketplace.


🔟Promote Your Listings:

Share on Your Facebook Timeline:

Leverage Your Network:

Post your listings on your own Facebook timeline.

Friends and acquaintances who follow you will see these posts.

Add a Personal Touch:

Write a brief caption about the item.

Mention why it’s special or why you’re selling it.

Share in Relevant Groups:

Join Local Buy/Sell Groups:

Search for local buy/sell or community groups on Facebook.

Join those relevant to your location or the type of items you’re selling.

Post Your Listings in These Groups:

Follow each group’s rules (some have specific days for posting items).

Include clear photos and a concise description.

Encourage Friends to Share:

Ask Friends to Spread the Word:

Reach out to friends and request them to share your listings.

Their networks might include potential buyers.

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😊Be Transparent and Honest:

Describe Your Items Accurately:

Provide Detailed Descriptions:

Mention key features, dimensions, and any relevant information.

Be specific about the item’s condition (new, gently used, etc.).

Highlight Unique Selling Points:

What makes your item stand out? Mention it clearly.

Disclose Any Flaws or Issues:

Honesty Builds Trust:

If there are scratches, wear, or defects, be transparent.

Buyers appreciate sellers who are upfront about imperfections.

Include Photos of Imperfections:

Capture any flaws in your photos.

This helps manage buyer expectations.

Remember, successful selling on Facebook Marketplace involves clear communication, honesty, and safety precautions.😊