(Solved!) How To Fix Facebook Marketplace Icon on Android

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Steps to the Get Facebook Marketplace Icon on Android

  1. Update your app on your mobile device

    – update to version 4.0 or higher, then the marketplace icon should appear.

  2. Clear your cache

    – enter to your mobile device, enter to ‘applications’ or ‘applications manager’ and search for ‘Facebook’, then click on ‘clear all’, restart your mobile device, restart and app and re login to your app with your username and password.

  3. Check the status of your account –

if your account is new you need to create enough interactions with your friends, and wait a few weeks for the icon to appear.

  1. Enter directly.

    – type in the URL of the Facebook Marketplace


👌Solution 1: Update the App on your mobile device

First of all, you have to update the Facebook app to the latest version available. Updating usually solves this type of problem.

However, there is always a user who has not updated his app, or who lives in a country where the update is not available yet.

As for this time of writing we know that update 4.0 or higher is required.

Enter your mobile device, then go to the App Play Store, type in ‘Facebook’, and then click on ‘Update’.

After you updated your app, you should see the ‘Facebook Marketplace Icon’ appear.

If it’s still not visible, please continue on to the next solution.


📲Solution 2: Clear your Cache


Steps to clear your cache on your mobile device:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your mobile device.
  2. Then go to ‘Applications’ or ‘Application Manager’, it varies on the Android device type and version.
  3. Next, you have to go to where it says ‘All’ and then ‘search for Facebook’.
  4. One you find Facebook, click on ‘clear cache’, this will clear all cache and data.
  5. Restart your mobile device.
  6. Restart the Facebook app.
  7. Because you cleared all app data you need to relog again with the username and password.

The Marketplace icon should be visible.

If the Marketplace icon does not appear, please continue to the next step.

✅Solution 3: Check the status of your account

To prevent fraud, Facebook ensures that new accounts are not enabled with the option to access the MarketPlace.

The account must be used for a certain period of time (not detailed), and the user needs to create sufficient interaction with the app for it to appear.

If your account has few friends or has been open for a short time, you know the problem.

In this case, you need to interact with other people, complete the Facebook verification process, and add more details to your profile to get them to activate the Marketplace icon for you.


If all of the above solutions don’t work for you, try to enter the Facebook marketplace directly.

🚪Solution 4: Enter directly

If the Marketplace icon does not come out, you may be able to access it by entering it directly. Click here to enter the Facebook Marketplace.


Understanding Why the Marketplace Icon Is Missing

Facebook Marketplace missing on Android phone

The disappearance of the Marketplace icon on Facebook can be perplexing.

Several factors contribute to this issue, ranging from account-specific restrictions to broader systemic limitations. Understanding these reasons is the first step toward resolving the problem.

🚫Account Restrictions

Facebook Marketplace access can be influenced by the status of a user’s account or their activities on the platform.

Violations of Facebook’s community standards, including the buying and selling guidelines specific to Marketplace, can lead to temporary or permanent restrictions.

This could result in the Marketplace icon being hidden or removed.

Activities that might trigger such restrictions include:

  • Posting items that are against Facebook’s Marketplace policies (e.g., prohibited items).
  • Frequent cancellations of orders or failure to ship items on time.
  • Receiving multiple reports from other users about fraudulent activities.

🌍Location Issues

The availability of Facebook Marketplace is also determined by geographic location.

Not all regions have access to Marketplace due to various regulatory and operational reasons.

If you’re traveling or have recently moved to a different country or region, you might find the Marketplace icon missing due to these geographical limitations.

Additionally, attempting to access Marketplace from a country where it is not available using VPN services might also lead to access issues.

👶Age Restrictions

Facebook imposes age restrictions on users attempting to access Marketplace. Typically, users must be 18 years or older to buy and sell on Marketplace.

If your Facebook profile does not meet this age requirement, or if there’s a discrepancy in the age information on your account, you may not have access to Marketplace, resulting in the missing icon.

🆕New Facebook Accounts

New Facebook accounts may experience a delay in accessing Marketplace.

This delay is part of Facebook’s efforts to ensure the safety and security of its community by preventing spam and fraudulent activities.

New users might need to establish a history of genuine engagement on Facebook before they gain access to Marketplace features.

📲App Updates

Finally, using an outdated version of the Facebook app can lead to missing features, including the Marketplace icon.

App developers regularly update mobile applications to introduce new features, improve security, and fix bugs.

If you haven’t updated your Facebook app in a while, you might be using a version that doesn’t support Marketplace or has a bug that hides the Marketplace icon.

❓FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why can’t I find the Marketplace icon on my Facebook app?

A1: The absence of the Marketplace icon can be attributed to various factors including account restrictions, geographical limitations, age restrictions, the age of your Facebook account, or using an outdated version of the Facebook app.

Check your account status, update the app, and ensure your profile meets the age and location criteria for Marketplace access.

Q2: How do I update my Facebook app to get the Marketplace icon?

A2: To update your Facebook app, visit the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices).

Search for Facebook and tap the “Update” button if available. An up-to-date app will ensure access to all features, including Marketplace.

Q3: What should I do if my account is restricted from using Marketplace?

A3: If your account has been restricted, review Facebook’s community standards and Marketplace policies to identify any violations.

You may need to appeal the decision or wait until the restriction period expires. Ensure future compliance with Facebook’s policies to avoid further restrictions.

Q4: Why is Facebook Marketplace not available in my location?

A4: Marketplace availability is subject to Facebook’s geographical policies and local regulations.

If you’re in a region where Marketplace is not supported, the icon will not appear on your Facebook app.

Check Facebook’s official documentation or support pages to see if Marketplace is available in your country.

Q5: I’m over 18, but I still can’t access Marketplace. What should I do?

A5: Ensure your birthdate is correctly entered in your Facebook profile settings.

If the issue persists, consider contacting Facebook Support for further assistance, as there may be other factors affecting your access to Marketplace.

Q6: How long does it take for a new Facebook account to get Marketplace access?

A6: The time varies as Facebook does not specify a fixed period.

New accounts need to build a history of genuine engagement on the platform.

Engage actively with your community and adhere to Facebook’s guidelines to expedite access.

Q7: Can using a VPN affect my access to Marketplace?

A7: Yes, using a VPN can affect your access to Marketplace because it masks your real location.

Facebook might restrict access if it detects that you’re accessing the service from a region where Marketplace is not available or if it suspects suspicious activity.

Q8: What steps can I take if updating the app and ensuring compliance with guidelines doesn’t restore the Marketplace icon?

A8: If basic troubleshooting doesn’t work, you can try clearing the app’s cache (for Android users) or reinstalling the app.

If these steps fail, reaching out to Facebook Support for further assistance is recommended.


For issues not resolved by these answers, consulting Facebook’s help center or contacting customer support may provide further guidance.
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