14 Best Facebook Groups for Book Lovers (Inside Look!)

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Self-Publishing Books Group: A Facebook Community Devoted to Book Publishing

1️⃣The Bookish Society:

A cozy group where bibliophiles connect.

Member Count: Around 8,000 members.


Monthly book picks and discussions.

Virtual book club meetings.

Author spotlights and Q&A sessions.

2️⃣Bookish First Readers:

For fans of discovering new authors.

Member Count: Approximately 15,000 members.


Access to advance reader copies (ARCs).

Share your thoughts on upcoming releases.

Engage with authors and fellow readers.

3️⃣The Cozy Mystery Corner:

Perfect for cozy mystery enthusiasts.

Member Count: About 5,000 members.


Dive into charming whodunits.

Discuss plot twists and favorite detectives.

Share cozy mystery recommendations.

4️⃣Historical Fiction Book Club:

Travel through time with fellow historical fiction lovers.

Member Count: Around 12,000 members.


Explore different historical eras.

Book polls and themed reading challenges.

Author spotlights and historical context discussions.

5️⃣Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Club:

Immerse yourself in otherworldly adventures.

Member Count: Approximately 20,000 members.


Discuss sci-fi, fantasy, and speculative fiction.

Book recommendations and series discussions.

Geek out over favorite fandoms.

6️⃣Book Swap & Giveaway Group:

Swap books or participate in giveaways.

Member Count: About 6,000 members.

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Exchange books with fellow readers.

Discover hidden gems.

Regular book-related contests and freebies.


7️⃣Largest Group for Book Lovers (Authors & Readers):

This group is a vibrant community where both authors and readers come together. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Book Reviews: Share your thoughts on the latest reads and discover new recommendations.
  • Author Discussions: Engage with writers, learn about their creative process, and discuss literary techniques.
  • Promotions: Authors can promote their books, and readers can find exciting new titles.
  • Giveaways: Participate in book giveaways and win free copies.
  • Writing Tips: Get advice on writing, publishing, and marketing your own books.

Passion for Books:

A corner for book enthusiasts to connect:

  • Book Recommendations: Members share their favorite books across genres.
  • Reading Challenges: Set reading goals and track your progress.
  • Book Swaps: Exchange books with fellow readers.
  • Virtual Book Clubs: Join discussions on selected books.
  • Author Spotlights: Learn about authors and their works.

Silent Book Club:

If you enjoy quiet reading companionship:

  • Silent Reading Sessions: Members read together silently (virtually).
  • Post-Reading Discussions: Share your impressions after the quiet reading time.
  • No Pressure: No need to finish a book; just enjoy the process.

The Great American Read Book Club:

Dive into discussions about American literature:

  • Classic Novels: Explore timeless works by American authors.
  • Book Polls: Vote for your favorite reads.
  • Author Biographies: Learn about the creators behind the classics.

Turning Pages Book Club:

A diverse group for all bookworms:

  • Genre Exploration: From thrillers to romance, explore various genres.
  • Hidden Gems: Discover lesser-known books.
  • Book Quotes: Share memorable lines.
  • Reading Challenges: Set monthly reading goals.
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Book Club Bites (Note: Not a Facebook group, but worth mentioning):

An online community for book lovers:

  • Bookish Recipes: Explore recipes inspired by books.
  • Literary Trivia: Test your knowledge.
  • Book Pairings: Match books with food and drinks.
  • Bookish Conversations: Engage with fellow bibliophiles.

❓Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I create a Facebook Group for Book Lovers?

  • Admin Role: Designate an admin to create the group. In Facebook, navigate to the “Groups” option in your menu and click on “Create a Group.” Follow Facebook’s prompts and choose a suitable name.
  • Group Name: Select a descriptive and memorable name for your book lovers’ group.

What should I include in the group’s “About” section?

  • Write a clear and concise description in the group’s “About” section. Explain the purpose of the group, guidelines for participation, and any specific requirements.

How can potential members join the group?

  • Share the link to your group with interested individuals. They can request to join.
  • Acceptance Criteria: Once accepted, new members should adhere to the group rules and actively participate in book-related discussions.

How can I encourage active participation within the group?

  • Consider organizing book-related challenges, discussion threads, or virtual book clubs to engage members.

What strategies can I use to moderate the group effectively?

  • Set clear guidelines for behavior and content.
  • Monitor posts and comments regularly.
  • Address any violations promptly and fairly.

Should I allow self-promotion by authors or publishers?

  • Decide whether self-promotion aligns with your group’s purpose.
  • If allowed, establish specific rules for promotional posts.

How do I handle disagreements or conflicts among members?

  • Encourage respectful dialogue.
  • Intervene if discussions become heated.
  • Consider private messaging for resolution.
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What types of book-related content should I encourage?

  • Share book recommendations, reviews, and literary news.
  • Discuss favorite genres, authors, and characters.

How can I grow the group’s membership?

  • Promote the group on other platforms.
  • Encourage existing members to invite friends who share their love for books.

What privacy settings should I choose for the group?

  • Decide whether the group should be public, closed, or secret.
  • Consider the level of visibility and accessibility you want for your community.