17+ Best Facebook Groups for Advertising (Inside Look)

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How to use Facebook Groups for your Business (Guide)

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17+ Best Groups for Advertising & Marketing – Quick Overview

1.HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Pros:

A private group where members discuss content challenges, projects, and HubSpot usage.

Members: 27.1K


2.Screw the Nine to Five Community:

Discusses online marketing, entrepreneurship, and business growth.

Members: 18,782


3.Freedom Hacker’s Mastermind:

Focuses on freedom hacking and online marketing strategies.

Members: 30,265


4.NicheHacks.com Private Mastermind Group:

For niche marketers and bloggers seeking growth strategies.

Members: 20,791


5.Blog + Biz BFFs:

Supports bloggers and business owners in their online ventures.

Members: 17,026


6.For Love + Money with Caitlin Bacher:

Helps entrepreneurs monetize their passion and expertise.

Members: 11,286


7.Blogging Newbs:

A community for new bloggers to learn and connect.

Members: 4,320


9.Marketing Solved:

Founder: Kat Sullivan

Topics: General marketing, social media

Ideal for: Beginners to experienced marketers, founders

Member count: 23.6K


10.SaaS Growth Hacks:

Founder: Aaron Krall

Topics: Entrepreneurship, CRO, growth hacking

Ideal for: Mid-level to experienced marketers, founders

Member count: 27.4K


11.CXL – Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Growth:

Ideal for: Conversion optimization professionals, marketers

Member count: Large community


12.Sisters in SEO:

Founders: Kari DePhillips, Samantha Pennington

Topics: SEO, digital marketing

Ideal for: Women in the SEO industry

Member count: 7.5K


13.Google SEM Mastermind:

Founder: Schieler Mew

Topics: Google Ads, SEM

Ideal for: Paid search marketers

Member count: 6.7K


14.Dumb SEO Questions:

Founder: Jim Munro

Topics: SEO, digital marketing

Ideal for: All levels of SEO enthusiasts

Member count: 11.3K


15.Local SEO Strategies & Google My Business Help with Tim Kahlert:

Founder: Tim Kahlert

Topics: Local SEO, GMB optimization

Ideal for: Local business owners, marketers

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Member count: 9.8K


16.Affiliate Marketing Ninjas:

Topics: Affiliate marketing strategies

Ideal for: Affiliate marketers

Member count: 6.5K


17.Automation Nation – Affiliate Marketing & Passive Income for Entrepreneurs:

Topics: Affiliate marketing, passive income

Ideal for: Entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers

Member count: 4.2K

 😊Facebook Groups for Advertising and Marketing.

These virtual communities act as bustling hubs where professionals, visionaries, and curious minds come together to exchange wisdom, ignite creativity, and propel their ventures forward.

Here’s what awaits you within these digital spaces:

Shared Insights and Expertise:

  • Marketers Unite: Whether you wield years of experience or are just dipping your toes into the marketing waters, these groups foster an environment where knowledge flows freely. Expect lively discussions on SEO strategies, content optimization, and the latest algorithm updates.
  • Entrepreneurial Wisdom: Entrepreneurs share battle-tested tactics, growth hacks, and success stories. From e-commerce wizards to startup dreamers, everyone has a seat at the table.

Seeking Advice and Solutions:

  • Problem-Solving Galore: Got a burning question about A/B testing, lead generation, or social media ad performance? These groups are your go-to resource. Tap into the collective brainpower to troubleshoot challenges and find innovative solutions.
  • Feedback and Critique: Post your ad copy, landing page design, or branding concept, and brace yourself for constructive feedback. The community’s insights can transform good ideas into exceptional ones.

Stay Updated on Trends:

  • Real-Time Alerts: When Facebook tweaks its ad targeting options or Instagram rolls out a new feature, these groups buzz with updates. Stay ahead of the curve by tuning in to the latest industry news.
  • Algorithm Whispers: Algorithms are the heartbeat of digital marketing. Here, you’ll decode their secrets, adapt your strategies, and ride the waves of change.

Networking Opportunities:

  • Collaboration Catalyst: Connect with potential partners, collaborators, and clients. Whether you’re a freelance copywriter, a brand strategist, or a data analyst, these groups facilitate meaningful connections.
  • Virtual Coffee Chats: Swap success stories, learn from failures, and build relationships. Who knows? Your next business venture might emerge from a casual chat thread.
  • Collaborative Spirit:

Collective Growth: As you contribute, you’ll witness the ripple effect. Your insights inspire someone else’s breakthrough, and vice versa. Together, we elevate the entire community.

Whether you’re deciphering ad metrics, brainstorming campaign ideas, or simply soaking in inspiration, these Facebook groups are your backstage pass to the ever-evolving world of advertising and marketing.

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1️⃣HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Pros

HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Pros

Group Description:

  • Name: HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Pros
  • Purpose: A private group where content marketing professionals can connect, share ideas, ask questions, and be inspired.
  • Affiliation: HubSpot Academy, the worldwide leader in free online training for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service professionals.


Focus Areas:

  • Content Challenges: Members discuss content-related challenges they face.
  • Projects: Conversations around content projects, strategies, and execution.
  • HubSpot Usage: Discussions related to using HubSpot tools effectively.
  • Membership:
  • Size: Approximately 27.1K members.



  • Private: Only members can see who’s in the group and what they post.
  • Visible: Anyone can find this group.
  • Creation Date: The group was created on August 20, 2019.
  • Group Rules (Admins’ Guidelines):
  • Be Respectful: Foster an accepting and welcoming community by showing respect to fellow members.
  • No Promotions or Spam: Share resources in a way that adds value to the group.
  • No Hate Speech: Inappropriate comments about race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, or identity are not tolerated.

Remember, this group is a valuable space for content marketers to learn, collaborate, and grow! 🌟


2️⃣Screw the Nine to Five Community:

Screw the Nine to Five Community

  • Description: A community that discusses online marketing, entrepreneurship, and business growth.
  • Focus Areas:
  • Online Marketing: Members share insights, strategies, and tactics related to digital marketing.
  • Entrepreneurship: Discussions about building and scaling businesses.
  • Business Growth: Tips for expanding businesses and achieving success.
  • Membership: Approximately 18,782 members.

Admin Rules:

  • Respect the community, no spam or link bombing.
  • Be mindful of interactions (no bullying, badgering, belittling, or inappropriate behavior).
  • Kindness and openness are encouraged.
  • Founder: Founded by Jill & Josh Stanton in 2012.

Notable Stats:

Over 1 million listens on their podcast.

More than 50,000 students have taken their online courses.


3️⃣Freedom Hacker’s Mastermind:

Freedom Hacker’s Mastermind

Description: A mastermind group for serious entrepreneurs driven to live a life of freedom.

Focus Areas:

  • Freedom Hacking: Strategies for achieving financial independence and lifestyle freedom.
  • Online Marketing: Discussions on effective marketing techniques.

Membership: Approximately 30,265 members.

Admin Rules:

  • Respectful contributions; no spam.
  • Encouragement of kindness and openness.
  • LGBTQ-friendly and equality advocates.

Founder: Brandie Michelle Peters (formerly known as Freedomhackers mastermind).

Notable Stats:

A community with a strong focus on freedom and entrepreneurship.

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4️⃣NicheHacks.com Private Mastermind Group:

Description: A private mastermind group where members discuss niche marketing and affiliate marketing.

Focus Areas:

Niche Marketing: Strategies for targeting specific niches effectively.

Affiliate Marketing: Insights into successful affiliate marketing approaches.

Untapped Niche Markets: Regularly reveals untapped niche markets and insider niche “hacks.”

Membership: Approximately 20,791 members.

Founder: Not specified.

Access: Private group.

Join NicheHacks.com Private Mastermind Group.


5️⃣Blog + Biz BFFs:

Description: A hub for bloggers and online entrepreneurs who want to learn, grow, and feel support from others.

Focus Areas:

Blogging: Discussions related to blogging strategies, content creation, and monetization.

Business Ventures: Support for business owners in their online endeavors.

Collaboration and Friendship: Cultivating friendships and collaborations among members.

Membership: Approximately 17,026 members.

Founders: Not specified.

Access: Visible group.

Join Blog + Biz BFFs.

Feel free to explore these groups and connect with like-minded individuals! 🌟


6️⃣For Love + Money with Caitlin Bacher:

Description: A vibrant community filled with amazing creative business owners.

Focus Areas:

Monetization: Helps entrepreneurs turn their passion and expertise into profitable ventures.

Creative Biz Owners: Makers, artists, designers, and bloggers.

Vibe: Bossy, smart, and fun.

Membership: Approximately 11,286 members.

Founder: Hosted by Caitlin Bacher.

Frequent Topics: Social media, marketing, production, pricing, branding, web design, and more.


7️⃣Blogging Newbs:

Blogging Newbs group.

Description: A supportive space for new bloggers to learn, connect, and grow.

Focus Areas:

Learning: Discussions related to blogging basics, strategies, and challenges.

Community: Building friendships and collaborating with other bloggers.

Membership: Approximately 4,320 members.

Founder: Not specified.

Topics: Blogging, WordPress, SEO, content marketing, and more.

Feel free to explore these groups and engage with fellow entrepreneurs and bloggers! 🌟


About the Writer: Jane Mitchell

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