20 Biggest USA Facebook Groups (A Look Inside)

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Watch video – How to Find USA Groups on Facebook – Easy Fix

Watch video – How To Find USA Groups on Facebook


Top 10 Biggest USA Facebook Groups on Facebook

These online communities bring people together based on shared interests, hobbies, or affiliations. Here are some of the largest Facebook groups in the USA:

To learn about each group in more detail, scroll to the bottom or use the Table of contents.

Rank Group Name Members Privacy
2 Our Evergreen Bangladesh 6,266,467 Public
3 English Learning Group 6,094,024 Private
4 Makeup Artists 4,893,545 Public
5 Cheap Meal Ideas 4,803,345 Public
7 Kersh Keepers Official Group 3,846,287 Private
9 Instant Pot Community 3,234,067 Public
10 WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW 3,192,986 Private

These groups cover a wide range of topics, from relationships and language learning to makeup artistry and culinary creativity.

Whether you’re seeking advice, connecting with like-minded individuals, or simply exploring new interests, Facebook groups offer a vibrant space for interaction and community building. 👥

Remember, the digital world is full of surprises, and these numbers may continue to evolve as more people join these engaging communities! 📱


Next 10 Biggest USA Facebook Groups on Facebook

Rank Group Name Members Privacy
11 Netflix Recommendations 3,160,873 Public
12 Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority 3,093,872 Private
13 Maths Formulas 2,947,217 Public
14 Cooking Made Easy (CME Worldwide) 2,925,089 Private
15 Home Buddies 2,783,345 Private
17 OFFICIALLY FAME 2,407,435 Private
18 View from my window 3,043,188 Public
19 People incorrectly correcting other people 2,633,849 Public
20 Jesus Bible Reading and Prayer 2,354,645 Public


  • Upside: With over 7.6 million members, this group provides a diverse pool of experiences and advice. Members can benefit from a wide range of perspectives on relationships and marriage.
  • Downside: The sheer volume of posts and comments can be overwhelming. It might be challenging to find relevant information or engage in meaningful discussions due to the high activity level.


Group Description:

The MARRIAGE & RELATIONSHIP COUNSELING (MRC) group was created primarily to provide guidance to singles before they step into the realm of marriage.

The underlying philosophy is that learning from others’ experiences and avoiding their mistakes can significantly enhance one’s own journey in relationships.

Marriage is a complex and multifaceted institution, and this group aims to equip individuals with knowledge and insights to navigate it successfully.



The group boasts an impressive membership of 7,661,241 members.

This massive community comprises people seeking advice, sharing their stories, and engaging in discussions related to relationships, love, and marriage.

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With such a vast audience, diverse perspectives and experiences converge, making it a valuable resource for anyone seeking relationship guidance .


Public Nature and Purpose:

MRC is a public group, meaning that its content is accessible to anyone on Facebook.

Members can freely participate in discussions, ask questions, and contribute their insights.

The group serves as a platform for open dialogue, where individuals can seek advice, share their challenges, and learn from others’ experiences.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or married, MARRIAGE & RELATIONSHIP COUNSELING provides a supportive community to connect, learn, and grow .

In summary, this global Facebook group plays a vital role in fostering healthy relationships by offering advice, facilitating discussions, and creating a space for individuals to learn from each other’s journeys.

2️⃣Our Evergreen Bangladesh:

  • Upside: A large group of 6.3 million members fosters a strong sense of community among Bangladeshis. It allows for extensive networking, cultural exchange, and national pride.
  • Downside: Managing such a massive group can be difficult. Moderation becomes crucial to prevent misinformation, spam, or conflicts.


Group Description:

Our Evergreen Bangladesh is a vibrant public group on Facebook.

It centers around Bangladeshi culture, community, and connections.

The group was created with the primary objective of celebrating and preserving the timeless beauty of Bangladesh.

Members engage in discussions, share media, and participate in events related to the rich heritage, natural beauty, and cultural diversity of Bangladesh.



The group boasts an impressive 6,266,467 members.

This massive community includes people from various walks of life who share a common love for their homeland.

Members actively contribute by posting photos, stories, and memories related to Bangladesh, fostering a sense of unity and pride .


Public Nature:

As a public groupOur Evergreen Bangladesh allows anyone on Facebook to view its content.

It serves as a platform for Bangladeshi nationals worldwide to connect, reminisce, and appreciate the beauty of their country.


3️⃣English Learning Group:

  • Upside: A sizable group of 6.1 million members ensures a wealth of language-related content, including discussions, practice exercises, and language tips.
  • Downside: The quality of content may vary significantly. Sorting through numerous posts to find valuable language resources can be time-consuming.


Group Description:

The English Learning Group is a private group dedicated to language learning.

With a membership of 6,094,024, it provides a supportive environment for individuals striving to improve their English language skills.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, this group offers a space to practice, discuss, and learn.


Role in Language Learning and Support:

Members actively engage in discussions related to grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

They share language resources, ask questions, and provide support to fellow learners.

The group fosters a sense of community, where everyone is encouraged to participate and learn from each other.

Whether it’s honing conversational skills or preparing for language exams like IELTS, the English Learning Group serves as a valuable resource for language enthusiasts.


4️⃣Makeup Artists:

  • Upside: With 4.9 million members, this group offers a platform for makeup enthusiasts to share techniques, product recommendations, and creative ideas.
  • Downside: The vast membership might lead to repetitive content or diluted expertise. Serious makeup artists may find it challenging to engage deeply in discussions.
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Group Description:

The Makeup Artists group is a vibrant public community on Facebook.

It caters to makeup enthusiasts, artists, and professionals.

Members collaborate, share ideas, and stay updated on the latest trends in the world of makeup.

Whether you’re a makeup artist seeking inspiration or someone passionate about cosmetics, this group provides a supportive space to connect and learn.



The group boasts an impressive 4,893,545 members.

This massive community includes individuals with varying levels of expertise, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Members actively engage in discussions, share tips, and showcase their makeup artistry.


Public Nature:

As a public groupMakeup Artists allows anyone on Facebook to join and participate.

It serves as a hub for creativity, where makeup lovers can exchange ideas and celebrate their passion for cosmetics.


5️⃣Cheap Meal Ideas:

  • Upside: A large group of 4.8 million members means an abundance of budget-friendly meal inspiration. Members can discover diverse recipes and cooking hacks.
  • Downside: The sheer volume of posts can make it difficult to find specific recipes or engage in meaningful conversations. Quality control becomes essential.


Group Description:

The Cheap Meal Ideas group is another public community on Facebook.

Its primary focus is on budget-friendly meal planning and recipes.

Members share economical yet delicious meal ideas, making it easier for people to cook nutritious and affordable dishes.

Whether you’re a busy parent, a student, or simply looking to save money on food, this group offers practical solutions.



The group has an impressive 4,803,345 members.

This large community includes home cooks, food enthusiasts, and anyone interested in preparing meals without breaking the bank.

Members contribute recipes, cooking hacks, and shopping tips to help others create satisfying meals on a budget .


Public Nature:

Like the previous group, Cheap Meal Ideas is also a public group accessible to all Facebook users.

It encourages culinary creativity while emphasizing affordability.



  • Upside: With 4.1 million members, this group provides a supportive space for prayer, spiritual discussions, and sharing miracles.
  • Downside: Managing discussions and ensuring respectful interactions can be challenging. The group’s size may lead to divergent beliefs and potential conflicts.


Group Description:

PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS! [PUSH]! is a public group with a spiritual and motivational focus.

Members come together to pray, seek encouragement, and share uplifting content.

The group believes in the power of persistent prayer and encourages one another to keep pushing forward in faith.

Whether facing challenges or celebrating victories, this community provides a space for spiritual support .



The group boasts 4,065,323 members.

People from various backgrounds, faiths, and walks of life participate in discussions, share personal experiences, and offer prayers.

It’s a place where hope is kindled, and individuals find strength through collective faith.


Public Nature:

As a public groupPUSH welcomes anyone who seeks spiritual inspiration and connection.

It serves as a virtual sanctuary where people can express their hearts and find solace in shared faith.


7️⃣Kersh Keepers Official Group:

  • Upside: A private group with 3.8 million members focused on cooking allows for a vibrant community of food enthusiasts. Members can exchange recipes and cooking tips.
  • Downside: The group’s size might lead to repetitive content or overwhelm members seeking specific culinary advice.
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Group Description:

Kersh Keepers Official Group is a private community on Facebook.

It has a specific niche related to food and cooking.

The group was initially formed by a circle of friends who share a love for delicious and tasty food.

Members exchange recipes, cooking techniques, and culinary experiences.

The focus is on pampering the taste buds and enjoying life through good food .



The group comprises 3,846,287 members.

It’s a close-knit community where individuals bond over their passion for cooking and savoring delightful meals.

Members contribute family recipes, food photos, and engage in discussions related to various cuisines.


Private Nature:

As a private groupKersh Keepers Official Group ensures that discussions remain within the community.

It provides a safe space for food enthusiasts to connect, share, and explore culinary delights .



  • Upside: With 3.3 million members, this group facilitates Bible study, theological discussions, and spiritual growth.
  • Downside: Diverse interpretations and theological perspectives can clash. Moderation is essential to maintain respectful dialogue.


Membership: With 3,332,993 members, this public group serves as a global hub for discussing religious texts, particularly the Bible.

Role and Purpose:

Fostering Global Discussions: Members engage in thoughtful conversations about biblical passages, interpretations, and faith.

Cross-Cultural Exchange: The group transcends geographical boundaries, allowing people from different backgrounds to share insights and learn from one another.

Spiritual Growth: Whether you’re a devout believer or simply curious, this forum provides a space for deepening understanding and building connections.


9️⃣Instant Pot Community

  • Upside: A group of 3.2 million members provides a wealth of Instant Pot recipes, troubleshooting tips, and creative uses.
  • Downside: The sheer volume of content can bury valuable information. Finding specific recipes or addressing unique issues may be challenging.


Membership: With 3,234,067 members, this public group caters to Instant Pot enthusiasts.


Cooking Tips and Recipes: Members exchange tips, tricks, and recipes specifically tailored for Instant Pot cooking.

Community Support: Whether troubleshooting issues or celebrating culinary successes, the group offers a supportive environment.

Time-Efficient Meals: The Instant Pot’s efficiency appeals to busy individuals seeking delicious meals without spending hours in the kitchen .



  • Upside: With 3.2 million members, wrestling fans can discuss WWE events, share excitement, and stay updated.
  • Downside: The group’s size may lead to heated debates or repetitive discussions. Navigating through posts to find relevant content can be daunting.


Membership: This private group boasts 3,192,986 members.

Connection to Wrestling Fans:

WWE Content: Fans of professional wrestling, especially WWE, gather here.

Discussion and Passion: Members dissect storylines, cheer for favorite wrestlers, and engage in spirited debates.

Exclusive Community: Being private, it fosters a sense of camaraderie among wrestling enthusiasts .


These large Facebook groups exemplify the power of online communities:

Community Building: They bring together diverse individuals with shared interests, transcending borders and backgrounds.

Information Sharing: Whether about religion, cooking, or entertainment, these groups facilitate knowledge exchange.

Social Connections: From spiritual support to recipe swaps, they create virtual spaces where people connect, learn, and thrive.

Explore and Engage: I encourage readers to explore these vibrant communities, contribute, and discover new horizons! 🌐

Remember, further research can enhance the depth of each section. 👍