How do Facebook Marketplace Ratings Work? (Easy Guide)

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Read the step-by-step guide for more in-depth information about the Facebook Marketplace Rating system.


1️⃣What Are Facebook Marketplace Ratings?

Facebook Marketplace ratings are feedback provided by users (both buyers and sellers) after completing a transaction.

These ratings serve as a way to evaluate the quality of interactions and build trust within the community. Here are some key points:

Buyer Ratings (Given by Sellers):

Buyer ratings are submitted by sellers based on their experience with a particular buyer.

Sellers can rate buyers on factors such as communication, punctuality, and overall satisfaction.

These ratings help other sellers decide whether to engage in transactions with a specific buyer.

Seller Ratings (Given by Buyers):

Seller ratings are provided by buyers after purchasing an item from a seller.

Buyers rate sellers on aspects like product description accuracy, shipping speed, and overall transaction experience.

These ratings assist other buyers in making informed decisions when dealing with a particular seller.

2️⃣How to Leave Ratings

To leave ratings on Facebook Marketplace, follow these steps:

Using the Facebook App (iPhone or Android):


Open the Facebook app on your mobile device.

Navigate to Marketplace (usually found in the menu or as a separate tab).

Find the transaction you want to rate (either as a buyer or seller).

Tap on the transaction to view its details.

Look for the “Rate” or “Leave Feedback” option.

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Choose the appropriate rating (usually a star-based system) and provide any additional comments if desired.

Submit your rating.

Important Note:

Ratings cannot be provided directly through the Facebook website ( or Facebook Lite. You must use the dedicated Facebook app on your mobile device.

Step-by-Step Instructions (for Both Buyers and Sellers):

Open the Facebook app.

Go to Marketplace.

Locate the transaction you want to rate.

Tap on the transaction to view details.

Look for the “Rate” or “Leave Feedback” option.

Choose the appropriate rating (usually 1 to 5 stars).

Optionally, write a brief comment to explain your rating.

Submit your feedback.

Remember that leaving honest and constructive ratings contributes to a positive and trustworthy Facebook Marketplace community.


3️⃣Visibility of Ratings

When Do Ratings Become Public?

Ratings become public once a user receives 5 or more eligible ratings.

This threshold ensures that there is a sufficient sample size to accurately represent a user’s performance as a buyer or seller.

Contributions to Overall Rating:

Both seller and buyer ratings contribute to the overall rating.

A user’s overall rating reflects their combined performance in both roles.

Positive interactions as a buyer and seller enhance the overall rating.

Who Can View Ratings?

Anyone who can see a user’s Marketplace profile will be able to view their ratings.

This includes potential buyers, sellers, and other users browsing the Marketplace.

Transparency encourages trust and accountability within the community.

Remember, maintaining a positive rating benefits both individual users and the entire Facebook Marketplace ecosystem.


4️⃣Calculating Overall Rating

The overall rating on Facebook Marketplace is a crucial metric that reflects a user’s reputation within the community. Here’s how it’s calculated:

Received Ratings:

Users receive ratings from others after completing transactions (both as buyers and sellers).

Ratings typically range from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the highest.

Total Ratings and Total Stars:

The total number of received ratings is counted.

The sum of all stars (ratings) received is calculated.

Overall Rating Formula:

The overall rating is determined by dividing the total stars by the total number of ratings:

Overall Rating = Total Stars / Total Ratings

  1. Example:
    • Suppose a user received the following ratings:
      • 5 stars (from 10 users)
      • 4 stars (from 5 users)
      • 3 stars (from 3 users)
    • Total Ratings = 10 + 5 + 3 = 18
    • Total Stars = (5 × 10) + (4 × 5) + (3 × 3) = 50 + 20 + 9 = 79
    • Overall Rating = 79 / 18 ≈ 4.39 (rounded to 2 decimal places)
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5️⃣Addressing Rating Changes and Discrepancies

Why Did My Rating Change?

Ratings can change due to new feedback received.

If you receive additional ratings (positive or negative), your overall rating may fluctuate.


If you notice discrepancies, consider the following:

Rating Removal: Ratings may be removed if they violate Facebook’s policies.

Timing: New ratings may not immediately impact the overall rating.

Weighted Averages: Recent ratings may carry more weight than older ones.

Communication Matters:

If you believe a rating is unfair, communicate with the other party.

Address any issues promptly to prevent negative ratings.

Remember, maintaining a positive overall rating enhances your credibility and encourages trust among Facebook Marketplace users.

6️⃣Seller Ratings

Becoming Public:

Seller ratings become public once the seller receives 5 or more eligible ratings.

This threshold ensures a reasonable sample size for an accurate representation of the seller’s performance.

Once public, these ratings are visible to other users browsing the Marketplace.

Who Can Leave a Rating for a Seller?

Buyers who have completed a transaction with the seller can leave ratings.

Buyers rate sellers based on their overall experience, including factors like product quality, communication, and shipping speed.

Honest and constructive feedback helps other buyers make informed decisions.

How Sellers Can Improve Their Ratings:

Accurate Descriptions: Provide clear and accurate descriptions of your items. Misleading information can lead to negative ratings.

Prompt Communication: Respond promptly to inquiries from potential buyers. Good communication builds trust.

Shipping and Delivery: Ship items promptly and keep buyers informed about delivery status.

Quality Products: Ensure the quality of the items you sell. Satisfied buyers are more likely to leave positive ratings.

Resolve Issues: If any issues arise during a transaction, address them professionally and promptly. Solving problems can prevent negative ratings.

Remember, maintaining a positive seller rating enhances your credibility and encourages successful transactions on Facebook Marketplace!

7️⃣Buyer Ratings

Becoming Public:

Buyer ratings become public once the buyer receives 5 or more eligible ratings.

This threshold ensures a substantial sample size for an accurate representation of the buyer’s behavior.

Once public, these ratings are visible to other sellers and users browsing the Marketplace.

Who Can Leave a Rating for a Buyer?

Sellers who have completed a transaction with the buyer can leave ratings.

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Sellers rate buyers based on their overall experience during the transaction.

Factors considered include communication, promptness, and adherence to agreements.

How Buyers Can Enhance Their Ratings:

Timely Communication: Respond promptly to seller inquiries and messages.

Honesty and Clarity: Be transparent about your expectations and any issues.

Complete Transactions: Follow through on purchases and payments.

Positive Attitude: Treat sellers respectfully and maintain a positive attitude.

Feedback Loop: If you encounter any problems, provide constructive feedback to sellers.

Remember, maintaining a positive buyer rating contributes to a trustworthy and thriving Facebook Marketplace community!

8️⃣Handling Negative Experiences on Facebook Marketplace

Stay Calm and Professional:

If you encounter a negative situation with a buyer or seller, remain calm and professional.

Avoid responding with anger or frustration. Keep communication respectful.

Assess the Issue:

Identify the specific problem. Was it related to the product, communication, or payment?

Understand whether it’s a genuine issue or a misunderstanding.


Reach out to the other party politely. Explain your concerns and ask for clarification.

Use the Facebook Messenger platform to keep records of conversations.

Resolve Amicably:

Try to find a resolution that benefits both parties.

Consider options like:

Refunding the buyer (if you’re the seller).

Offering a replacement or partial refund.

Clarifying any misunderstandings.


If the issue persists or becomes hostile, report the user to Facebook.

Use the “Report” feature on the transaction page.

Provide details about the problem and any evidence you have.

Constructive Feedback:

After resolving the issue, leave constructive feedback for the other party.

Be honest but fair. Highlight positive aspects and areas for improvement.

Constructive feedback helps others make informed decisions.

Learn and Adapt:

Use negative experiences as learning opportunities.

Adjust your approach for future transactions.

Remember that not all encounters will be negative.

Community Building:

Encourage a positive environment by leaving positive ratings for good experiences.

Share your positive interactions to promote trust within the community.

Remember, Facebook Marketplace relies on user interactions, and handling negative situations gracefully contributes to a healthier and more reliable platform for everyone.


9️⃣Conclusion: The Power of Ratings on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace ratings play a pivotal role in shaping a vibrant and trustworthy community. Here’s why they matter:

Trust Building:

Ratings build trust among users. Positive ratings signal reliability and honesty.

Buyers and sellers rely on these ratings to make informed decisions.

Community Health:

A thriving Marketplace community depends on active participation.

Leaving honest ratings contributes to a healthier ecosystem.


Ratings hold users accountable for their behavior.

Sellers strive to maintain positive ratings, and buyers appreciate transparency.

Continuous Improvement:

Constructive feedback helps users improve their practices.

Sellers learn from buyer ratings, and buyers adapt based on seller feedback.

😊Your Role: Be an Active Participant

Rate Responsibly:

After each transaction, take a moment to leave a rating.

Honest feedback benefits everyone.

Spread Positivity:

Share positive experiences by leaving glowing ratings.

Encourage others to do the same.

Stay Informed:

Familiarize yourself with Facebook’s guidelines on ratings.

Understand how they impact your reputation.

Remember, your contributions matter! Let’s create a thriving Facebook Marketplace where trust and transparency prevail.