How to Download Instagram Videos (Step-by-Step Guide)

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1️⃣Challenge of Downloading Instagram Videos:

Instagram is a visual platform where users share photos and videos.

However, the app itself doesn’t provide a built-in option to download videos directly to your device.

Users often encounter situations where they come across captivating videos on Instagram and wish to save them for offline viewing or sharing.

Whether it’s a funny meme, a tutorial, or a heartwarming moment, the desire to download these videos is common.

Unfortunately, Instagram’s policies restrict direct video downloads.

This limitation poses a challenge for users who want to keep their favorite videos accessible beyond the app.

Why Download Instagram Videos?

Preservation: Some videos are worth keeping for sentimental reasons or as memories.

Offline Viewing: Downloaded videos can be watched offline, especially useful when you’re in areas with limited internet connectivity.

Sharing: You might want to share a video with friends, family, or followers on other platforms.

Reposting: Content creators often repost videos to their own accounts or other social media channels.

Our Step-by-Step Guide:

In the following sections, we’ll explore various methods to download Instagram videos, catering to different devices and preferences.

From manual techniques to online tools, we’ll empower you with the knowledge to save those delightful Instagram moments.

Remember, while downloading videos can be convenient, always respect copyright and privacy rights.

Only download videos that you have permission to use, and consider giving credit to the original creators when sharing. Now, let’s dive into the practical steps! 📸

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2️⃣Manual Download on PC

Open the Desired Instagram Video:

  • Log in to your Instagram account using a web browser on your PC.
  • Navigate to the video you want to download. It could be a post on your feed, a story, or a video from someone else’s profile.

Inspect Element (or View Page Source):

  • Right-click on the video you wish to download.
  • Depending on your browser, select either “Inspect element” or “View page source.” This action will open the developer tools panel.

Locate the “.mp4” Link:

  • In the developer tools panel, look for the video source link. It will typically end with “.mp4.”
  • Use the “Find” option (usually Ctrl+F or Cmd+F) to search for “.mp4” within the code.
  • Once you find the link, copy it to your clipboard.

Play the Video in a New Tab:

  • Open a new tab in your browser.
  • Paste the copied link into the address bar and hit Enter.
  • The video should start playing directly in the browser.

Save the Video:

  • Right-click on the playing video.
  • Select “Save video as” from the context menu.
  • Choose a location on your computer where you want to save the video file.
  • Rename the file if desired and click “Save.”

Flexibility of This Method:

  • Unlike third-party tools or apps, this manual method doesn’t require any additional software.
  • You have control over the video quality and format you want to save.
  • It works on any operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux) with a compatible web browser.

Remember to respect copyright and privacy when downloading videos.

3️⃣Online Video Download Tools

Online tools simplify the process of downloading Instagram videos. They eliminate the need for manual steps and allow you to save videos directly from the platform.

One such tool is DownloadVideosFrom, which streamlines the process and ensures compatibility across different devices.

Using DownloadVideosFrom:

Visit the DownloadVideosFrom website (you can find it through a quick search).

Follow these steps:


a. Open the Instagram Video: – Log in to your Instagram account using a web browser. – Navigate to the video you want to download.

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b. Copy the Video URL: – Click on the video to open it. – Copy the URL from the address bar (usually starts with “…”).


c. Paste the URL into DownloadVideosFrom: – Go back to the DownloadVideosFrom website. – Look for a field where you can paste the video URL. – Paste the copied Instagram video URL into this field.


d. Download the Video: – Click the “Download MP4” button (or a similar option). – The tool will process the URL and convert the video into an MP4 format. – A download link will appear—click it to save the video to your computer.

Advantages of Using DownloadVideosFrom:

  1. User-Friendly: No technical skills required. Anyone can use it.
  2. Platform Independence: Works on any device with a web browser.
  3. Consistent Quality: Ensures consistent video quality during conversion.

Remember to respect copyright and privacy when downloading videos.


4️⃣Additional Tools

Here are some additional tools you can use to download Instagram videos:



  • Save Instagram videos to your device.
  • Enjoy watching them offline, especially when Wi-Fi connection is poor.
  • Fast and high-quality downloads.

How to Use:

  • Open the desired Instagram video.
  • Copy its link.
  • Visit the Video Downloader for Instagram page.
  • Paste the link and click “Download.”
  • No registration required, and it’s free! 📸.



  • Supports downloads from Instagram regardless of the operating system and device type (iPhone, Android, and computer).
  • Save videos directly to your preferred device.
  • Requires some available memory on your device.


  • Simply paste the Instagram video URL on the Inflact website and download with ease!

5️⃣Downloading Instagram Videos on Android

Open the Instagram App:

    • Launch the Instagram app on your Android device.
    • Log in to your account if you haven’t already.

Find the Video to Download:

  • Scroll through your feed or explore Instagram profiles to find the video you want to download.
  • Tap on the video to open it.
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Copy the Video URL:

  • Tap the three vertical dots (options menu) located at the top-right corner of the video post.
  • From the menu, select “Copy Link.”

Use a Web Browser:

  • Open any web browser on your Android device (such as Chrome).

Visit InstDown (or Similar Service):

  • In the browser’s address bar, type InstDown (or the URL of any other web-based Instagram video downloader you prefer).
  • Press Enter to visit the website.

Paste the Copied URL:

  • On the InstDown website (or the alternative service), you’ll find a field to paste the Instagram video URL.
  • Tap the field and paste the link you copied from Instagram.

Download the Video:

  • Look for a “Download” button or a similar option on the website.
  • Tap it to initiate the download process.
  • The video will be saved to your Android device.

Access the Downloaded Video:

  • You can find the downloaded video in your device’s gallery or file manager.
  • It will be saved in a folder (usually named “Downloads” or “InstDown”).


  • Some web-based tools may require you to complete a CAPTCHA or click through ads before downloading.
  • Always respect copyright and privacy when downloading videos from Instagram.

Enjoy downloading Instagram videos on your Android device! 📸



Instagram, with its captivating videos and visual content, has become an integral part of our online lives.

Whether it’s a mesmerizing travel vlog, a hilarious meme, or a heartwarming pet video, there’s always something worth saving.

But how do you download these videos? Let’s recap why it matters and how you can do it:

Preserving Moments:

Instagram videos capture memories, emotions, and experiences. By downloading them, you create a personal archive that you can revisit anytime.

Offline Enjoyment:

Imagine being on a long flight or in an area with poor internet connectivity. Having those downloaded videos ensures entertainment even when offline.

Sharing and Reposting:

Maybe you want to share a video with your friends or repost it on your own social media. Downloading allows you to spread the joy.

Explore Both Paths: Manual and Online

We’ve covered two approaches: manual downloading and online tools. Each has its merits:

  • Manual Method:
  • It’s flexible and works on any PC.
  • You’re in control of video quality.
  • No additional software needed.
  • Online Tools:
  • They’re user-friendly and quick.
  • Perfect for mobile devices.
  • Consistent quality.

Your Turn!

Now it’s time to put our guide to the test. Choose a method—manual or online—and follow the steps.

Download that Instagram video you’ve been eyeing! 📸